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3D GoGo 2

3D GoGo 2

3D Gogo 2, unfortunately, seems that this free porn sex game is for PC only. Free signup, but you have to download the game, but it is worth it. You can fuck these Gogo-dancers as they deserve, and you can always customize the scene and her for your needs. There is a whole different world when you start playing these beautiful designed 3D sex game. If you dare, try now.

Virtual reality game is trendy nowadays, and, amazingly, this genre of game is available in the adult sex world. Now, this review is about 3D Gogo 2, which is a virtual stripper game wherein you can play online. As you know, the plugin version of 3D Gogo, is no longer available when 3D Gogo 2 was released. Well,  this version is much better than the first game that was released. This game was developed by thriXXX, which is very popular with 3D virtual games, and before you play the game, you have to log in or sign up your thriXXX’s account. Although, you can play 3D Gogo 2 on its own website.  

If it’s your first time to 3D Gogo 2, you have to signup and verify your age, and agree to their terms and conditions. 3D Gogo 2 is a downloadable sex game that allows you to create your stripper. You will have your avatar or stripper, and you’re able to customize her. Options to choose the boobs size, pussy, hair color, makeup, eyes, and many more. You can even change her clothes and her moves. Of course, some items require real money for you to use it. What’s good here is you can pick your dancer or purchase dancers. 3D Gogo 2 is a free sex game; however, the private and sex scenes are censored or pixelated. So, you won’t enjoy much of this. 

Once you launch 3D Gogo 2, you will be faced with a dancing stripper along with several options. The customize options are on the bottom middle, and you can click anything in there to customize your stripper. Just like other games, there will be an introduction or tutorial at the beginning of the game. 

Another great thing about 3D Gogo 2 is that you can choose which song will play when the stripper is dancing. She can also detect the music you’re currently playing and will dance along with that. However, the dance moves do not synchronize correctly to the beat of the music, but it will do and almost perfect. 

The menu button of the game has a lot of options, and one of those is the game mode.There are four difficulty levels to choose from, and you will enjoy the game from it. So, you better start your way. 


3D Game

From the title itself, the game is in 3D, and don’t underestimate it as thriXXX made an excellent effort for the graphics to be realistic. The stripper in this game is very sexy, and you’ll feel very horny, it’s a plus that there is a high-end graphics. For me, it’s excellent to deal if the game has high graphics because it’s more inviting.

Play the game smoothly

As the game is all about the stripper, obviously, it’s more about dancing. The strippers are dancing gently, and there’s no lag. Well, it depends on your device. Moreover, it is playing smoothly, wherein you can enjoy watching them without interventions. Imagine, you there are no interruptions while you’re masturbating and imagining that it’s real. 

Virtual Reality feature

What if you feel very horny, but you can’t find someone out there that you can fuck safely? Well, you have to try out 3D Gogo 2’s newest feature, which is you can play this using Virtual Reality devices. Can you imagine that you can fuck someone even though you’re alone? It’s advisable to buy some sex toys for you to feel more sensual. 



I hate it if a game requires a download. Why? Because it eats up my device’s space, and you can’t play it anywhere, especially if you haven’t downloaded it on your other devices. Well, this is my opinion only. Some people prefer to download games than browser games. 


Honestly, this game is fantastic! Paying a real-life stripper or going to clubs requires a lot of money. Especially, if you want to do it regularly. Aside from this, you’re not sure if it’s safe to fuck those strippers. That’s why it’s a good idea to buy sex toys, VR and play this game. You can save more; hence, you can feel very horny and satisfy your fetish needs. All in all, 3D Gogo 2 is an excellent virtual stripper game with excellent graphics and some nice features. Awesome sex games!


  • Virtual glass compatible
  • Gogo Dancers
  • Beautiful sexy girls


  • Mostly Gogo Dancers

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