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Fap CEO – Nutaku

Fap CEO – Nutaku

Fap CEO is a free Nutaku sex game where your job is to grow and lead a sex cam girl office. Hire these beautiful girls to work for you and as you might guess these ladies occasionally slip out increasingly hot photos for the player to enjoy. Typical clicker game with straight forward plot and goals to aim. The end goal in the game is to grow your business along with the nude photos that you unwillingly see sometimes and maybe play with yourself every once in a while when playing. Nice graphics and sexy naughty cartoon girls for your enjoyment. Guaranteed Nutaku gameplay.

Have you been into an adult game? If yes, then you know the feeling of being sensual and entertained. I mean, you’re like hitting two birds with one stone. You can be horny and have fun at the same time. 

If you want a casual game that will satisfy your fetish needs, then you should try FAP CEO. It is a casual clicker game that you can play in or other adult game websites.

On the game page, you will see a short video and a few screenshots that you can check to have a little idea about the game. You can also read a brief description, tags, social media accounts, and it’s key features. The best thing about this game is that you can download it on your android phone. 

You have to log in on your Nutaku account for you to play the game. Otherwise, you can sign up and get a hundred tokens to use for a game. 

Let’s hop on! So, you are the CEO of the company, and you will hire different girls that will help you earn money. Once you have made enough money, you will sell your company, and you’ll have to recruit girls and earn money again. The game will go around that way. The employees will automatically make money, but you can also click them so that you can earn more money.

My favorite part here is that they will be naked every time you clicked the babe, and they will also moan. So, it’s fascinating. You can also upgrade or level them up so that you can earn more money. 

The exciting part here is you can have a chat with your fucking sexy employees, and they will send you different nude and perverted pictures such as showing their boobs, wet pussy and having a blow job. You can have a screenshot of these pictures if you want to masturbate. The addicting part is you have to do the task so that you can reply with their messages. You only have two replies, and you will earn a reply every hour. You also have to collect items by clicking the girls to use to reply to them.


Mouse to click


Great Graphics

The game itself is excellent; the characters are superb, and you will be amazed by the graphics. The nude and sensual pictures that were sent to you by your employees are outstanding. Trust me; you will feel very erotic and astounded.


It is very addicting. Imagine, you just have to click and wait so you can have a lot of money to reach your goal. The tasks are easy, but it will take time. There is a cliffhanger on the game as you have to wait and work hard so that you can get more nude pictures from your horny employees. 

Seductive Babes

Oh my gosh! You can also feel horny in this game. Do you know what I mean? You will see different girls in different positions, and you’ll feel horny. Like, you want to fuck someone or need to jerk off.

Easy to Play

You are one click away with heaven. It won’t annoy you because you just have to click the babes. Aside from that, you can even make money even if you ended the game.


The game is easy to understand. The icons are on point, which you don’t have to guess what it is.


Limited replies

I hate this, and I want to reply as soon as possible. I’m eager to see those fucking girls showing their pussy to me. But my replies are limited. Well, if you have extra money, then you can but diamonds to get more replies and to increase the limit. 


It’s addictive. Trust me. It’s very addictive. You will be eager to complete the tasks because the nude and perverted girls are so seductive. Besides, you can download this game on your android phone (sorry for iPhone users). I’m enjoying the game so that I will give them a 4.7 out of 5 ratings.  

Play this game so you can be addicted as I do. Remarkable sex games!


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  • Sexy girls
  • Free sex game


  • A bit childish or atleast not pervert enough

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