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Free Strip Games is relatively new site. This review is taking an insight about one of the best sex games websites I have been. If you are a fan of gaming and you want to add a little sex spice into playing, then you should try using sex games websites. 

Sex games websites are a combination of games and nudity or sex acts. You can surely enjoy this if you are a porn addict plus a gamer. Why would I say that? Because the games here have a twist and a component of nudity or pornographic that will make you feel sensual. 

Some games can make you sensual such as Summertime Saga, Choices: Stories You Play or Episode: Choose Your Story. Most of those are dating games; it consists of erotic stories wherein the characters have a choice to have sex with their boyfriends, friends, girlfriends, or to whom they choose. However, these games are not revealing and will skip the nudity and pornographic scenes that will give you hanging, or you will feel a longing for pornographic scenes. You will also be curious about the looks when you are in the game, and there is nudity in it.

Hence, sex games created for the viewers and gamers that do not want to experience the cliffhanger on the nudity and pornographic scenes. Just like ordinary games, sex games also have different platforms; you can play it on your Laptop, iPad, Computer, iPhone, or Android Phone. Sex games have various forms of games such as Role-Playing Games, Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Mystery, and Virtual Reality games. It means that you have tons of options to fulfill your gaming and sex desires. 

I also want to add that the Sex Games are extraordinary, and it will give you an excellent experience. Why? Because you can play the games which consist of your favorite cartoon character, anime, or a celebrity that you daydream. Adult sex games can give you a different level of sexiness. I mean, you can see the game’s characters with massive boobs or a penis. If you want to try out a devilish sex act, you can also look it out on a sex game website. 

I would say that this is better than watching video porn because you are interacting with the characters, and you can explore the game frame. So, if you are a gamer plus a porn addict, then this website is perfect for you. 


I have been into a different sex games website, but is one of the top sex game websites on the internet. 

A disclaimer pop-up will show on the screen once you open the website. This disclaimer will tell you that the images and models on their website are above 18, and you have to be 18 or 18+ to enter the site. The disclaimer will also inform you that if you click “ENTER”, you will access the use of their cookies. 

You will be overwhelmed with the site’s homepage because it is very pornographic-like and the thumbnails are incredible and see actual people in very sex-driven positions; you will feel hornier and excited about the games they have. 

There is a login option on the upper left of the page which you will be offered to sign up for free or pay for a premium experience. Their monthly billing is EU$19 for the first month, and the following month is EU$9, but you also have an option to get full access for a year, which costs EU$69.

You can find the shortcut links on the very bottom part of the page which you can find out more information about Aside from that, you can also find more games on the bottom pager. 


So, on the very top page, you can see the tabs which consist of Categories, Our Games, Premium, Boards, Reviews, and search. They have divided their games into eight parts, such as Sex Games, Porn, Hentai, Adult, Strip Poker, Sexy, Cartoon, and Strip Games. “Our Games” tab will show you the games they created, and it is by series. The third tab is Premium which requires payment for full access.  Next to Premium is Board which you can see the site’s hot topics, polls, and their tweets. The Fifth is the Review tab, and the last is the Search tab. 

The left side of the site is very erotic because you can see different naked models, showing their titties, masturbating or playing with a penis. You can also find the other sex games websites that they support. If you would like to follow them, then you can see the link on the left side as well. 

On the homepage, you will see a wide variety of games that you can enjoy. The thumbnails have good drawings, and you can see their ratings along with the game’s name. 


I played a game on this website, and it is called “The roommates 10”. This game is one of the games they create, and it is free. Some of their created games are in the Premium. When you click the thumbnail, it will open to a different page, and you will encounter an ad of their feature games or feature partner’s website, but you can easily skip it.

Once the game is open, an option will show before you start playing. You have to select your tech; either in “Flash” or “HTML.” Flash is for desktop only while HTML is for mobile/desktop. While this is applicable for Flash Tech, you can also choose which game graphics you would like to play; HD or SD, hence this game is available for SD – 600×338. You have to load the game before you start playing manually. 

The Roommates 10 is an interactive game, which you will choose the path you want. There are subtitles on the game area for the storyline. The controls are clicking the arrow and the choices.

So, the game consists of pictures of the real sexy ladies that you are interacting. You will have an option to choose the path you want to go and every way you take; there is a chance for you to meet or see a real naked person, or they are fucking, invite you to have sex with them, or ladies who finger themselves and the story will go on that way. You can look for more of their games by signing up as a Premium account. 

I have also tried another game named “Meet And Fuck Star Moans,” which is free and an interactive game. Before you start the game, the ad will show, and you also have to choose tech and resolution. 

If you are a star wars fan, then you should grab this game. The story will revolve around with Rey the Last Jedi who was captured by the First Order. She was tied on a machine and will talk to his captor and will have a small fight, which makes Kylon Ren; leader of the First Order use his force to give orgasm to Rey. Her pussy will get wet along with her massive boobs, and it will arouse Kylon.

This occurrence will make them fuck each other, wherein he will do a boob fuck. You will have four controls; Stop, Easy, Medium, and hard. There is a cum meter that you will know if the Kylon will about the cum, and there will be a new control which is “manually.” In a later scenario, you will have an option to show her massive boobs. You can use this game if you want to masturbate and you can use this as your inspiration. 

In different scenarios, Finn, Han, and Chewy are aroused to Captain Phasma, and they fuck each other in foursome way with the same controls.


Wide Variety of Games

They have tons of games you can choose. If you had gotten enough with the current set you are playing, then you can switch to another gamer. 


The website is simple, and you can easily understand its interface and how does it work. 


This website has a lot of games, and it is hard to look for a game you want to play just by clicking the page buttons or scrolling down. But, the website made it easier for the visitors to choose the game they play as their games divided into a different form of gaming. 


This website provided many details on its website about itself and how it works. If you are a conscious player or visitor, then, you can look for their information on the bottom of the page. 

Free Games

They have a lot of free games that you can enjoy. But, if you are not satisfied with those games, then you can purchase their Premium membership. 

Good Graphics and Drawings

Most of the games are realistic, and look like the real characters. You will get trick by the sketches of their games. 

Speed or games’ loading page

There is a short loading page for each game which is normal, but it will not spoil your excitement. 



Advertisement is typical for internet websites, and this is the cons that I have given for this website. 

Flash Player

The games required that the flash player is enabled to continue the game.


Let me be honest that I have enjoyed all the games I had on this website. The homepage is very welcoming, attractive, and arousing. With all the Pros I had, I will give this website a rating of 4 out of 5. Amazing sex games!


  • Great graphics
  • Fast download/operations
  • Straightforwards and Transparent


  • Ads
  • Flash

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