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Feet Niche Flow Tour – Free 3D Adult Games

Feet Niche Flow Tour – Free 3D Adult Games

Howdy Folks! Yours truly is back to present my newly discovered sex game! Or rather, sex site! This is what we are living for right? I heard this game from one of my awesome readers. Since this was shared to me, of course I did not forget my other readers. I want everyone to be on one page.

I have a lot of guy friends who are so fucking desperate in having sex with their partners, fuck buddy, or anyone they want. I just want to share a story with you before I proceed. Please fucking read this! One day, my friends and I are drinking in a pub and we were talking about our fetishes. I have this one friend, I found very weird, who has a foot fetish. Like he is always looking at how the women’s feet look like and he immediately got a boner whenever he sees something he likes.

If you are one of the fucking readers I have here who has the same fetish as my friend. Then, you are very lucky to subscribe to our sex review site. You will discover a new sex game and site that offers a lot of sex games focusing only on Feet fetishes.

First impressions of Foot Fetish Games

Like I said, I find it very weird. Maybe because I am not fond of it or I do not find it very erotic. But yeah, I remember a bitchy woman I met online and she was rubbing my dick up and down using her feet. And it is clear in my mind that I was fucking getting a boner and very aroused. I felt like I want to fuck her hard.

Even if I find this xxx game very weird, I know in myself that I will get a benefit out of it. Not just giving you such an eyegasm and information, but I will also enjoy seeing some foot sex if that is what you call it.

When I first run into the adult site, I felt the same chill when I am playing or looking at the sex games that I wanted so badly. Looking at those bitches, touching and holding dicks using their feet. Or looking at their feet with the cum that came from a dick! I was fucking aroused and I feel like I wanted to try it in real life. I mean, it has been so long since someone rubbed my dick using their feet.

Playing some Foot Fetish Games releases

When you reach the website, there are tons of sex games that will welcome you. You will get fucking dizzy by just looking at it. If you have a high desire in foot fetish, I bet you will be very excited seeing this. It is like they have a collection of porn game about foot fetish. It was soo fucking clean to see. Each game has this short clips which is a glimpse of you will experience if you play the game. There is also a short description, date released, updates and category beside the description. It is a good thing so the players will know if they will like the game and they won’t waste time for it.

I have played few games here, but I will only discuss at least one because you might get bored if I will tell everything to you. This sex game is the best I have found here. Why? Because it is an RPG game and all the characters are naked. Like showing their huge boobs bouncing and you can upgrade their outfits. The fighting scenes are fucking awesome because the graphics are legit in 3D! Yes!!!! That is what I was looking for. The sound quality sounds very original and sex clips! Of course! They are a lot and you can keep those on your computer. This game is automatically saving, so you can leave it then continue once you have your mother fucking time. You can easily see it on the “recent” tabs or categorized it as your favorite.

Final thoughts on Foot Fetish Games

Imagine? If it is possible to do a hand job, it is also possible to do a feet job. Sounds silly, but legit. I will convince everyone that foot fetish is so fucking erotic. Imagine yourself, doing foreplay and you are kissing and licking her foot. I bet you can hear her moan and she wanted you to keep doing it. How fucking great is that to hear, right? This is what I realized when I played this fucking sex game!


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