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Sex Game Fun Review

Sex Game Fun Review

Are you a porn lover and an avid gamer? If yes, then you should try watching playing sex games. What are best sex games? It is a combination of nudity, sex acts, and games. Nowadays, sex games are popular plus you will enjoy it. 

Sex games are extraordinary and can give you a fantastic experience. Imagine yourself looking at your favorite cartoon character in the nude image and jerking off. Another thing is they have VR games and 3D that is so realistic. 

I’m in love with interactive sex games, wherein I can control the scenes, and I can use them as my inspiration for masturbating. 

There are a lot of sex games on the internet, and I have tried one sex game website, which is 


The domain name itself is intriguing, and you will be curious about what can it do and offer. You will be mesmerized once you have visited the website because they have different kinds of games such as Cartoons, 3D, Hentai, Puzzles, and many more. The site’s homepage is very pornographic-like, and the thumbnails are incredible. You will feel very erotic and amazed while looking at the thumbnails. Although the site is quite plain, the ads are still attractive, aside from the nude thumbnails. 

What I like here is that they have organized their games by Newest, Older, Top Voted, and Most Played. Through those categories, you can quickly know which game played the most, and you can try out. 

They have 16 pages of websites, and each page consists of 68 or more games. They also have a social media account such as Twitter and Plurk; that you can follow for more updates. You can see their social media account on the bottom page of the website. 

On the lower left side of the page, you can also see the other sex games’ websites. Maybe, the other sites are their partners because I noticed that they are sharing the same games. If you are finished with this site’s game, then you can check out the lists of other sex websites; consisting of 10 sites. 

They also have non-annoying ads, and you can click those for you to play the game or watch the sex video. You can look for your preferred game through the search button, and it will give you the numbers of results along with the games that match. 

When you click the game you want, make sure that your browser’s flash player is allowed; otherwise, you have to enable it manually. Once you have opened the games, you have an option to vote and to play the game in full screen. A short description of the games is on the top part of the page. You can check it out for a quick glimpse. 

The first game I played here is named “hentai rick jump,” wherein you will collect coins to level up, and you will be given five lives to earn coins. The background is a nude and alluding hentai girl. Every time you level up, the background changes its picture. The games are addictive, and you will enjoy the hentai background. There is no too much sound from it except the background music, but you can still enjoy the game if you want to see different images of seductive girls. 


Free Games

It is a good thing that the games here are free. You don’t have to pay for anything and continuously play the game. I never had a game that requires payment throughout my stay on this website.

No Sign-ups and logins

This criterion is helpful for me because normally if a website or a game requires to log in or sign up, I will create a new email account to use. I don’t want to use my email. Most of the websites would have lots of notification and invitation if you signed up.

Great gameplay

I have been roaming on the website for a week, and I have enjoyed their games. They have like a puzzle, RPG, simulation, and many more. You will not get bored because you can choose from a different genre of games. 


I am delighted with how the game starts; you don’t have to spend more time on the loading stage because it’s quick. If you don’t have enough patience, then you should try visiting this website. 


Too dull

It’s a good thing that they have attractively nude ads and thumbnails. Honestly, the website is porn-like, but it’s not welcoming and engaging. The homepage itself is not attractive to my eyes. They should at least add some style and life into it for the visitors to feel alive and sensual. 

Enabling flash player

For me, it’s a waste of time to manually enable the flash player. I know that this is common to some games but I hope that they can come up with an idea to remove this program. 


The games on this website are great, but it’s not a type of website that you will keep coming back. I mean, they have a lot of competencies, and they should do better. For me, this website is for a one-time visit only, and it will not rest in my memory. They still have a large room for improvement. What’s important is that I enjoyed the game, and it helps me meet my fetish needs so I can even give this website 3.2 out of 5 ratings. Outstanding sex games!


  • Simple website
  • Variation of games


  • Also boring and dull
  • Not too many great offers

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