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Pocket Waifu – Nutaku

Pocket Waifu – Nutaku

Pocket Waifu is “a casual sex game” as Nutaku categorizes it. Well, if it’s casual to be like Hugh Hefner and fuck a full house of girls and watch them entertain you, then yes. Be the man in the house and let them please you in every imaginable way.

Play for free with all devices. The game is featuring unique, fun characters, nice and sexy clothes & over 30 animated scenes waiting for you to unlock them. Pocket waifu and you will never have a bad day again. Let your wif nag and hide to your man cave to play Pocket Waifu all by yourself. Real Hentai sex games by Nutaku.

Would you like to have a virtual babe simulator? If you are, then you should try playing Pocket Waifu, which you can see in You will surely love the sexy characters in this game. Can you imagine having some hot babes on your device that you can play and to satisfy your fetish cravings?

If you want to enjoy the game, you have to make sure that you logged in to your Nutaku account. Otherwise, you have to sign up, and you will get 100 gold once you have verified your email address. Isn’t it amazing?

The game page of Pocket Waifu is very porn-like. Looking at those girls will surely make you erotic. You can check out a short screen record or a few images, plus the key features of the game page. You will know if this game is for you.

Let’s get it on!

You will meet a demonic nude and sexy girl, and she made a deal to trade your soul to be more intimidating with girls. A sensual girl will come in after agreeing with the agreement, and it will only work inside your house. She will be your first girl to seduce, to fuck, and to take care of. You have to feed her, make her a bath, play with her, make her happy, and make her sleep.

There will be happiness, hunger, bathroom, and energy meter, which will be your indicator of what she needs. You can give her some gifts to show you her tits. You will get a new girl every time you have to befriend your current girl. What’s great about this game is the more the girls level up, the more you can request her to show her tits, pussy, or to fuck with you.


Easy Controls

The game is easy, but the controls make it easier. Imagine that you are playing a game with just a few clicks? How fun can that be? I hate it if the controls are hard to get, and my interest is lowering down if there are too many buttons to use. 

Great Sound Effects

Moaning!!! Yes, I love how the girls are moaning and how they talk dirty to me. It is excellent in my ears and made me so erotic. I feel like I want to burst all my sperms around their face or tits. 

Graphics Effects

Oh God! The graphics are high, and I can compare it to a famous anime. Why? Because the details are precise, you will surely enjoy what you are seeing, and you will keep on playing. You can even see their tits bouncing or their detailed wet pussy, which will surely fulfill your fetish cravings. 

Dress and Undress

Honestly, this is the best part of the game. One of its features is to change the seductive chick’s clothing, and you can even ask them to remove their clothes once you have leveled up. 


Waiting time

The challenge for this game is to wait. Really!! Taking a bath will take time; feeding them will take time. Everything takes time, and I hate it. The developers should at least lower down the waiting time for us to get what we want and not to give up. 


I’m happy and satisfied! With all the waiting and more clicking I have been, it made me an addict. I want to make sure that I came back right on time to feed them or to wash them. With all the moaning and the sex scenes in this game, I will give it a rate of 4.6 out of 5. Outstanding sex games!


  • Great animation
  • Fun cartoon
  • Sexy juicy girls
  • Amazing Hentai


  • No cons

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