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Crush Crush – Nutaku

Crush Crush – Nutaku

Crush Crush free sex game from Nutaku. Wait a sec, isn’t it a cartoon dating game? Yes, it is, you are right. You have dates with at least 19 different girls you get to meet in the game and one bear. I don’t know why. Anyway, you have to struggle your way without breaking your own heart and mostly have sex with the well-busted girls. You need to think your strategy well to survive in the game and manage your resources well. Game is something like; collect the spoils, activate new characters and repeat.  This one, however, is slightly different as each girl has a list of requirements that require manual intervention and, of course, money. Take your chances to see if you can handle these girls and their tricks. Nutaku enjoyment guaranteed. Good hentai porn.

Have you been to the Nutaku porn website? If yes, then you should try Crush Crush. I guarantee you that the game is impressive, and in that case, I will tell you more about the game through this review. 

Before you play the Crush Crush – Moist & Uncensored, you have to log in on your Nutaku account. Otherwise, you have to sign up, but the good thing is you will have 100 gold after you have verified your email address. 

If you have much time, you can check Crush Crush – Moist & Uncensored features before playing. On the game page, you can find a short screen record, a few images, and it’s key features. Amazing right? You will definitely know if this game is for you. If you will like the game, it may be best to follow their social media accounts for more updates and to check more babes. 

Once you have played the game, there are few instructions for you. It is a dating game wherein you will meet different babe, and you have to befriend and impress them by giving gifts, talking, flirting, dating, doing your hobby, and having a job. You can check how is your status with each babe through an affection meter. The affection meter will rise once you have completed the requirements. Every time you reach a particular relationship such as Frenemy, Friendzoned, Sweethear, and Lover, your babe will give nude and sex pictures. You really have to work hard for the girls to like you. In the end, you will have your greatest reward. There are a lot of hobbies and jobs, but you only have a certain “Time Block” to use, so you have to manage which should you do first. 

There are 30 girls that you can collect, and more are coming. You can have a girl every time you level up. A good thing about this game is that you still earn money and points even if you’re idle. 


Mouse to click items and to earn hearts. 


Impressive Graphics

Crush Crush – Moist & Uncensored is getting high because they have fantastic drawings. You won’t be disappointed and will be hornier. 

Excellent Gameplay

Your horny future is one click away. The rules and the flow of the game are easy to follow and understand. 

Sexy Scenes or Images

Your jaw will drop open when you see those nude girls. You can have all you want as long as you work hard. The more you click, the more you can have to fucking sex pictures. 


Heart Points Required

I understand that this is the challenge of the game, but clicking for a hundred thousand heart points is really hard to do. At least it should not be too high. 


Well, this game fucking rocks me! I love it, and do you know that you can play this on your android phone? Sorry for iPhone users. I bet you’ll be addicted to this game just like me. I mean, once you saw the chick’s nude and sexy pictures, I’m sure that you would want more and you will play more. So, I will give this website a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Awesome sex games!


  • Free trial option for long
  • Free Mobile Access
  • Makes you hot instantly


  • Still cartoon, you like if you like

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