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I know that sex videos are more forthright when it comes to satisfying your dirty needs or fetish cravings, but playing free porn games will blow up your mind (not just your sperms). Imagine, playing problem-solving games and finishing the goal to get your rewards? It is like hitting two birds with one stone because it is not just your sensual feelings are enjoying but, your brain and the rest of your body is enjoying. 

StripSkunks has a lot of games that we can play, and they succeed in welcoming their visitors. Once you visit it, you will get horny because of the actual nude person’s thumbnails. I mean, the girls on the homepage are so sexy and very horny. They are looking at you and telling you to fuck them, but before you do you have to play the game. 

On their homepage, you will see twelve or more games on each page that you can enjoy. If you are not satisfied with it, you can click the buttons’ number to look for more games; it has 21 pages consisting of twelve games. Otherwise, you can look for a game through the search button. 

What I like about here is they have organized all their games as per games’ genre such as Action, Sports, Puzzles, Card, Fuck games, and Hentai Games.

Just like other websites, they also have lists of their partner sites where you can check on the left side links. If you want to get some updates about the site, you can follow their Twitter account on the right side of the page. 

Pornstars on the games are good actors as they are making me wet and horny. However, some of the thumbnails are not attractive. Honestly, I am attracted to the looks and name of the thumbnails. My judgment is depending on how the website looks and how it welcomes the visitor. 

I noticed that Skunkstrip is focusing on real-life person games. Why? Because real-life pornstars inspire most of their games. I played one of their games, and the background is a real-life pussy which you have to put the penis inside the pussy using the arrow keys control. The game is not entirely fun to play but, if you want to look at pussy in an x64 zoom in then, you might find it entertaining.

What I love the most in here is that they have a desktop app for an iStripper program that you can add to your taskbar. The iStripper is an application wherein you will see some naked girls stripping on your desktop. So, if you are a sex addict or very horny, then this app can help you satisfy your fetish cravings. Once you download it, the nude sexy girl will strip on your desktop from time to time. So, expect that a girl will show on your screen when you are scrolling on Facebook or Youtube.  

Another plus this on this site is that you can play the game on a widescreen. It will not perform as fit to display, but at least you can play it in a broader mode. A short description and the ratings of the players will show before you can start the game. You can also check the tags or the model whose included in the game. Aside from those, you can also see the similar games that you can play.  

I hate Ads, especially if it keeps on coming back. The good thing about is the ads will show before you play the game, but it pops up twice before you can enjoy the game. 

Some of the games are too long to load, and it’s annoying. Your excitement and sensual feelings are fading away, so you will end up leaving the website and do something else.  

Upon playing the games, I noticed most of the games are initially from the other sex games websites. Well, most of the sites are like that; sharing and presenting each other’s games. PROS

Free games

I asked once, “Is there still free in this world?” Well, hell yeah! There is They have a lot of free games to help us to fulfill our fetish needs. They offer different stip games or interactive games that you can control the motion on how you fuck the girl. You can control it depending on your sensual feelings. 

Search Buttons

If you are a lazy person and don’t want to explore more on any website, then they have this feature to look for a game smoothly. It will give you all the games that match the item you searched.  

Real-life games

It is more erogenous if you are looking at a real person, especially if it has perfect titties and pussy.

Sound effects

It’s a good thing that the sound effects of moaning and the dirty talking are amazing. You are carried away by your emotions, and if you close your eyes, you will feel that you’re genuinely fucking, fingering, or satisfying the girl on the game. 


Too Dull

The thumbnails of nude girls or sex act images are attractive, but the website itself is dull and not too energetic. It looks sad, and you can’t invite more people if you are unhappy. 


The ads are okay, but they should have at least show the ads once because that’s acceptable. 

Conlusion of

What I am looking for is to be entertained, have fun, and be horny. I enjoyed some of the games, maybe because of my preferences. Hence, I can say that this website still has a large room for improvement. I love how pornography-like is the site, but I suggest to be more engaging, like add more details on the homepage or add colors to it. All in all, I still enjoyed the game and had fun, so I can give them 3.6 out of 5. Astonishing sex games!


  • Mobile sex games
  • Large collection of games
  • Simple


  • Ugly graphics
  • Dull site in general

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