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What is a sex game? Best free online porngames

Do sex games make you want to touch and grope yourself? Well, there is a lot of people who like to watch porn and play games. Now you can combine those two with 3D sex games where you rumble around in an interactive environment for you fuck around in the scenes and be naughty and fuck whatever you want. What a perfect combination to “watch” a porn film and be able to choose what you do in it while being the main character.

vr fuck dolls best free sex games

If you are not sure what a sex game is, let me tell you right away. First of all, sex games are super realistic these days. 2019 Best sex games are so real you can’t even say if you are there in real life. Can’t wait for the best sex games 2021, they will probably rip your dick off and suck all sperm out of you permanently and making you look like dried fruit.

Sex games have seriously beautiful graphics that will make you have an erection whether you want it or not. So, don’t open it in a high school classroom in daylight. People WILL notice your boner from that hentai sex game you fantasy about during your math class. Okay, so the girls in these look unbelievable, so does the creatures with huge boob while you fuck them with your monster cock in the hentai cartoon. There really are all kinds of games you can ever imagine. I was a bit skeptic at the beginning but look at me now, I’m spending most of my days jerking off and “doing reviews” here about all the different 3Dmoster sex games and more. At least that’s what I tell people. Actually, I tell them I am doing reviews, not sex game reviews, but to be honest, most of the days go more or less jerking off. Sometimes reviewing something for you also. Gladly. 

Why are sex games so popular?

family sex games best free sex games

Well think about it, you can have sex with celebrities (who would not?) with porn stars or with a dinosaur. That is the spectrum where we act with these games. Choose your thing and go. The key is that you can interact in so many ways that in each game or scene, you can do what you like, most of the time. If you are not happy with some scenes, change the scene, it’s so simple.

The fact is that if you have run similar scenes over and over again from the porn sites, at some point, you will get fed up with the same shit. That’s where sex games come in and why there are coming so popular so fast. There are no two similar scenes if you are in control, or if there is, they are the same because you choose so. What wanker would not like to be in control and turn the monster pussy upside down and fuck it in the mouth just when you want it to happen. Great animations and stunning gameplay, incredibly real sounds and ultra-hot girls, I would be surprised if these games were not getting popular at the pace of accelerating space shuttle. Gladly, most of them are super easy to play and quick to see if they suit you and if you want to spend your night banging the Lara Croft lookalike girl in a yacht in the first-person mode.

Single-player and multiplayer mode in sex games

You can have both. Jerk of by yourself of play multiplayer to jerk off with someone else, stranger or a girl from another city or country. If you are lucky and have a girlfriend (or depends on the view if that is “being lucky) and she is into gaming, but she is not around right now, a sex game can be a way of having fun among other “ video call while touching myself”- type of calls. Go to virtual sex game and fuck your brains out in funny and sexually appealing character.

These sites have been designed for keeping you entertained and satisfied. So, when you jump on that sex game train be prepared to be cumming a lot. I mean a lot, for weeks, missing lectures and sleeping late from work lot because all your life juice is on the living room floor after 5-hour late-night sessions with your new VR headset and lizards sucking you all over. There are so many possibilities to share and enjoy, single or multiplayer. You can anonymously always have company from the gaming site without revealing your true self to anyone. If you like to share something with someone, it’s your call, you may find some girl who is also into sex games, and you get a pass to play in her bedroom. Who knows, if you don’t try. Whatever you choose, there will be a ton of fun and a hard time with your dick along the way, that I will guarantee.

Back to basics, will sex games seduce you?

I asked in the beginning, “Do sex games make you want to touch and grope yourself?” I don’t know about you, but for me it does. You have to test a few of the games yourself to know. Maybe those games will active your horny side while taking the cartoon lamb in barn roughly with a lion in a threesome? Or with Japanese hentai cartoons while dumping and pushing a full-size cucumber inside the double-headed Octopussy’s wet pussy with your neighbor’s lookalike daughter in the game. I don’t know about you, but these games are bizarre, exciting, and fun at the same time. Fucking hilarious!  Yet, loaded with tons of sexual fantasies and erotic feelings, and tits, booty, and pussy coming all over the place and screen while you fuck some weird thing, object or fully imagined a character that I cannot even describe, yes you might have an erection and even cum into your pants.

What makes sex games so enjoyable and unique?

Well, you have seen ass and titties and unbelievable bodies in tv and Instagram and especially in porn movies. But, at the end of the days, those real human characters are always actual human figures, also the body. The thing with sex games is that those bodies, curvy or skinny, boobs and butts big or small, dicks and looks of the faces they can be so exaggerated that you may never find that curvy body I real life. Or at least not many of us have a chance to have sex with Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian’s curves in real life, not even close. The size of the booties and titties can be so much more than you can have in your real life that most probably you will ejaculate prematurely to your hand way before you think you could. There is no such thing as limits in gaming and virtual reality. YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL WHATEVER IT IS!

Variety of different sex games

Now you are probably thinking that what in the world am I reading, but here you are reading reviews and taking perhaps an in-depth look and deep breath while scrolling these different sex games. Yep, I know, we are living strange times, and it’s getting even weirder so jump in and enjoy these fantastic sex games. The good thing is that the variety of different games is stunning and continuously increasing. But like in all industries, few sites make things exceptionally well and which of most people will like. From those you will find your favorite, I am sure. Trust me, you will find your thing, sooner or later.

There are probably thousands of sex games and virtual porn things, but we have selected here the most promising ones, which we have tested and which of we have heard the best feedback from others.

Does sex games cost something?

Some of the games cost a little, some of them are free, some of them are free for a while, and for a test run but cost few bucks later on. Don’t worry, there is plenty of free games in the market, and some of them have a premium version with paid options, or they go a bit further only if you pay little money. It’s your call. I want you to maximize your pleasure, whether it cost a buck or two, or is free like spring air. You choose.

Moreover, you probably paid your Grand Theft Auto, Gran Turismo, Counter-Strike or Fall Out, just to name a few –  back in the days, so why not spend a buck or two to satisfy your sexual urge and have tons of fun at the same time while cumming all over. Haha, I bet you will come to your pants several times once you find out what’s your thing and get caught up in real-time. People are paying 50 bucks for a handjob in the parking lot. Maybe a few dollars spent inside your living room for games and having months or lifetime gaming access in another world is not a bad way to spend a few extra bucks.

How is a sex game experience different from regular porn sites or gaming?

I am an old guy, and I have seen a lot in real life and also played games since I was born. But now, you can practically combine “real” world experiences, fantasy world from the games and your occasional sex life altogether in a game and play your favorite GTA scenes but with a slightly new twist, you can have sex in the game while you play! Isn’t that great? I think it would have been weird if you were jerking off while watching Pokemons or Digimons back in the day or while playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas but now, now you can and should wank it on your own time while enjoying the new sex games, cartoons, hentai, and fantasy world combined all in one. 

There are real girls and animated girls, animals, teens, violence, hentai, cartoons, neighbors, family members, virtual world, game parodies, movie and series parody you name it. You can play from the first-person view, third-person views, or different camera angles you choose. 

Which sex game categories there are?

First of all, there is a lot of different sex game categories, and whatever you choose, they are so real. Some of them are more cartoon-like, and some of them are more like copies from the real world and characters actually remind a real person from their looks. In some of them, you are fucking some “thing” combined from two different animals or imagined cartoon characters and ejaculate in that things pussy with a half a meter dick. Well, you are on your own now. We can only show you the way YOU must walk it…or jerk it in this case.

Here is some of the categories to give you a hint about what’s “there” when you enter this vast forbidden sex games Zone and lose your sense of time and forget after a while that you are not a horse fucking around with 30 inch cock and you have to go to work on Monday morning, which is in 2 hours as you were playing all night until 05 am. Well, I lied a bit, it’s not forbidden, everything else was true. It could have happened to anyone.

We list, you choose your thing:

–        VR Fuck Dolls – With VR Glasses or without, stunning 3D animated girls to suck you out

–        Family Sex Games – Well, fuck your sister or dad or neighbor or whoever you want

–        Sex Emulator, build your character and try Grand Fuck Auto or Hard Knight Rises, over 400 games inside.

–       Adult Game PassCall of Booty, Drunk and Horny, etc.

–        Free Adult Games – First of all free games, but unbelievable

–        Violent Sex Games – Punish and fuck hard, celebrities or other sluts

–        Game of Whores – Winter is Cumming

–        The Game of Teen – I think you got it from the name

–        Extreme Porn Games – Prison Sluts, Grand Fuck Auto and Other extremes

–        Slut Simulator – Just try it and you will know

–        3D Sex Games

–        BDSM Sex Games

–        Monster Sex Games like Walking Dead

–        Black Porn Games

–        Wet Sluts

–        Shemale Sex Games

–        Cartoon Sex Games

–        Narcos XXX – Go in as Pablo and fuck your whole harem or whoever you want

–        Gay Porn Games

–        Foot Fetish Games

–        Lesbian Porn Games

–        Toon Sex Games like Booty farm and Hentai Flash

–        The Game of Bone

–        Nutaku – For Anime and Hentai Sex

Best Porn Games

That is just to mentions a few. The Full list of best sex games and sex game categories is in the table above which you already probably saw while scrolling down here. Anyway, the list of games and game sites is endless what comet to categories and new adventurous styles to get your cum out from the balls. Well, whichever you decide to try from those, have fun, be careful not to jerk off your whole dick while getting excited about the 3D bunny doll.

Are sex games hard to play? Can I get laid there?

NO! Sex games are easy to play. And YES, in all of them even you should be able to get laid. Some of the games you need both hands occasionally but most of the fucking scenes they don’t require both hands at the same time and that leaves one crucial hand free for you to touch yourself from the groins and rub the coconut oil to your erected hairy little dick. 

Some of the games require a bit more effort to get the apple from the tree and some of them are easy, “click and play,” or “click and fuck”-  type of games. You may choose between hard missions and tight plot to rescue your sexy babe from certain death or merely saying a few kind words and touching her vagina from the couch on the first date. Playful, straight to the action, plot or without, you will find your type and what suits/suck you (you dick) the best. 

How much of the game is for fucking and how much of it is “normal” gaming with a plot?

In general, sex games are pretty straight forward to fucking, but some of them actually have some deeper plot and actions other than just fucking. It really depends on the game. Some of them require passing some tests or obstacles before you can get to fuck out the brains of that slut in front of you. Luckily you can test tens, or even several hundreds of games while registering to one portal, so; eventually, you will find out suitable games for each session with or without masturbating in the meanwhile.

Can I use virtual glasses while playing?

Yes, many of the sites these days have the option to use virtual glasses with the game and send you into a virtual reality environment with your VR glasses and unicorns. Virtual Reality Porn and Virtual Reality Sex games have just got so real that you may actually spend time there rather than just picking up random girls from the bar. At least this virtual beasts area sexy and passionate about you, unlike the average girl from the bar.

But be careful! Close the curtains if you plan to go swinging the light sword around your living room with glasses on and dick in your hand. Some neighbors might think you are weird after seeing that and stop talking to you or report to the police.

Can I use an integrated sexual masturbator like a fleshlight launcher or something else connected to the game?

Yes, you can! Some of the games and happily more and more enable Bluetooth integration with fleshlight launcher or similar semi-pro wanker equipment. With that synchronized connection, you may feel the actual movement of that anime girl riding your dick in real-time. This is about as fun as it gets when you think you are elsewhere, fucking exactly that creature that you wanted, and yet you can feel her or “it” crushing your dick in real-time synced with what you see. A typical living room can be quite a different place with that virtual glasses and some synchronized dick wanker launcher! Just go and get your sperm out of the gun.

Free sex games

Well, most of the sex games reviewed here are free or at least free to try. Therefore we are not copying the above list here again as most of them you can try and play free or after a try out at a minimal price. Like earlier said, if you ever paid your computer games, Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox games even a penny, these are worth several dollars for sure. That much they can give you pleasure, excitement and adventures.

Most popular sex games

Most popular sex games according to our research are the ones you may find the most effortlessly and these listed free sex games seem to pop up in every review site, Google and every YouTube channel we have checked. You can also check from our Youtube channel what games we have already provided the test play video actually to see how it looks in real life, or virtual life I guess.

My favorite strange erotic game?

Hard, really hard, and no I am not talking about my cock at this point but about the hardship of naming one game over the others which would simply be better than all else. Well, maybe the cock was also really hard when playing, you are right. Got me. But now back from my cock to naming the ultimate sex game…concentrate, tits pussy butt, tits pussy butt, anime sex with octopussy and neighbor’s wife wet pussy, pussy coming from everywhere…okay okay, hold on, it’s late-night, and I am getting distracted. Maybe I have been playing a bit too many hours in the virtual gaming world for the last week. 

Okay, now I got it, THE EMULATOR, THE SEX EMULATOR! Now you have a name. That is the best sex game so far. You can play so many different games inside the sex emulator that you can hardly get fed up with playing all those different worlds and scenes and games. 

Some of them are more cinematic watch type of films and some are more like a building your gangster squad while fucking around the town. Added with 150 hentai games, you can never play those all until “end.” You would suffer from severe sperm loss before reaching even a tiny bit of their game selection. But be my guest and try. I don’t think you are that kind of a sperm whale, but you shall prove me wrong.

Last words about sex gaming

You can never know before you try something for yourself. I hope my writing will help some of you to make the decision to try some of the sex games, and if you still wondering, watch a few of the videos to help yourself out. I made this site and reviews for you to have an idea what these games are about and how to get involved in the sperm shooting and pleasure of absolutely the next level of what I have ever experienced with sex or porn. I hope you enjoy your time and find your unicorns from the virtual sex worlds.