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Hairy Potter Niche Flow Tour – Free 3D Adult Game

Hairy Potter Niche Flow Tour – Free 3D Adult Game

Howdy folks! The expert in pornography is back to give my mother fucking reader an awesome review. Do we have someone here who is an avid fan of Harry Potter? Come on! Raise you damn hands!!!

I myself love Harry Potter since I was a kid. Of course, I love Hermione too, but sometimes in the back of my damn fucking dirty mind, I am thinking how would Harry Potter and Ron fuck their girl best friend – Hermione. I can’t stop imagining it until I found a sex porn video inspired by Harry Potter, but sad to say, it is not enough to satisfy my desires. Then, to my surprise, I found a game inspired by Harry Potter movies, but it does not have a great resolution.

The features somehow look like the real Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson, but not too near so I was disappointed. Of course! As a fan, I still want to find something closer to Harry Potter characters in real life. Especially now, that there are a lot of sex parodies on the web. Then I heard from a co-fellow porn addict, that he has this website that full of Harry Potter. There I was, so excited to play those games and play with their cocks and dicks.

I want something that amazed my eyes and actually looking at Emma Watson Fucking Ron. Do you know what I mean? I have this fucking imagination, but I want the game to justify it.

My reaction when I entered the world of Hairy Potter Sex Game.

My dirty mind is running smoothly again! There are a few questions before you fully get on the page. The players also need to verify their age, put in the card details, and create an account.

When I clicked the link my friend sent me, I was so fucking mesmerized because I can see Harry Potter and damn naked Hermione on my screen and I can say that this is what I am looking for. I was so fucking excited to play the games and reach the mountain top of this fucking awesome site.

There are a lot of popping sex clips of Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. It was soo exciting and I can feel my boner. There are group sex clips that made me cringe and hungry with sex. You can also see Hermione’s wet pussy being fucked by Harry Potter! This is the dream that I wanted ever since. Imagine, getting what you have asked for? How satisfying is that? I was thinking what would I feel if I play Harry Potter without anything on his body? How would I feel if I see Hermione, my favorite of all to fuck, without any outfit? My curiousity is eathing me.

The website is full of Harry Potter characters in a very erotic version. Maybe, just maybe, this is what they are really doing behind the scenes. This sex scenes that I am seeing is what makes them the best. I can finally see their pussies, dicks and tits. The pictures are not just pictures, but there are a lot of sex clips on the website.

The website presents all kinds of games for everyone. There is this simulation game, wherein you can choose the character you want or you can create – customize your character. You can choose if you want it to have big cocks, or if you want it to be a slutty girl with massive boobs and bouncy butts. Or soft and big pussies. The players can also choose the characteristics of the character they wanted. Like if they want it to be a hard fucker, a sweet talker, a boob massager, or anything like that. My favorite in here is that, you can talk to the character that you are fucking, like ask them what to do. You can also purchase items using real money so you can satisfy whoever you are fucking in the game.

There is also a simple and easy xxx game wherein you will have to guess what is in the box and if you got it correctly, you have a chance to fuck whoever is on the screen in the show. There is also a story mode game in here where you can see Dumbledore teaching Ron to suck Harry’s dick and leading them to great sex. Well, it depends on how you will control the game.

Final Verdict!

I am not sure, but I have played the games here for a week and I can’t deny that my sperm is almost out because I want what I am seeing. The graphics are superb! It really looks like Emma Watson when she was acting as Hermione. I can’t stop imagining if that is how her pussy looks like in real life. The feature and interface are almost the same as the non-porn Harry Potter games. The gameplay is all amazing! It fucking gave me chills. It was a great experience and I wanted to give a big applause to whoever create this game. You made my childhood self damn happy.


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