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Fuckout 4 – Parody Game

Fuckout 4 – Parody Game

Hi there, mate! Here we are again making a review about an awesome sex game. Have you ever heard of the Fallout 4 game? If you know then you are aware of how outstanding and famous is Fallout 4. But you would not believe that there is an xxx sex game version of this called Fuckout 4! Yes, you heard it right! You can see your favorite characters in their naked form.

I am surprised to know that Fallout 4 has an adult sex game version. I mean, this game is well-known and there has been a lot of series since it was created.

Can you imagine looking at Piper Wright sucking a cock? Or having sex with someone? What about watching Cait and Piper Wright fucking each other? How remarkable is that, right? You will surely have an orgasm and great pleasure from what you are seeing.

First impression on Fuckout 4

When I heard that the sex game version of Fallout 4 is available, my first impression is “Great!” and excitement, so when I played the game I felt that it is the right choice to play this game.

Just like other parody sex games, you will have to undergo some questions before entering the game. These questions include your gender, preferred sex partner’s gender, ass size, and boobs size. They will also ask you what type of sex you wanted either anal sex, threesome, deep throat, gangbang, domination, or extreme. Then there will be some warnings on how will this sex game affect you and your life. Once done, you will have to create an account and put in your card details. There are few days that it is for FREE, but when you decided to exceed and you really enjoy the game then you have to pay for the whole sex game. Trust me, you will have many thoughts in paying for the game.

Another good thing about this game is you can play it through any well-known browsers in the market, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and even Opera Mini. I have played it in all three browsers and it was doing okay. Think of it, you can play and look at Piper’s boobs or Cait playing with her pussy anytime and anywhere you want. You can even do this at your office if it’s your free time.

There is also an option to download the game, so you can have an extreme and more high-quality game. Actually, I never imagined that Fuckout 4 – Parody sex game will have a great resolution. It was quite the same as the original game, the quality of the game, the characters, gameplay, and game modes.

You must know before playing this amazing sex game.

I heard that Fuckout 4 is actually started off as a Fallout porn mod, with low quality, and the viewers and maybe even the creator had enough of playing a mod sex game, so they decided to create a much better sex game and put in money to invest to this kind of game.

As I said, the Fuckout 4 is much alike with the original game – Fallout 4 and that is the best thing in here. The characters are all looking good and have great features.

This sex game has a great Vault-tec assisted system, the same as the original game and you can use this to support the fucking part of the game. It is really exciting when you take action or when the battle is ongoing. Aside from having a sex orgasm feeling, you will also get an exciting experience while you are in combat.

One of the best ways to have sex or be dirty and nasty with the slutty characters is for you to have great conversations with them. You have to be smart on how you will respond and you will have to know how you will get them by having a conversation.

What I love in Fuckout 4

Game and Video Quality – As I mentioned, Fuckout 4 has great quality and you will hornier every time you take into action in regards to the naked and sex variations of this game. Looking at those high-end resolutions wet pussies are giving me a boner and I feel like I wanted to jerk off.

Moaning and Voiceover – Aside from orgasm, I am getting an eargasm as well whenever I am in the sex scenes of the game. It’s making me hornier and wanted to jerk off like there’s no tomorrow.

Gameplay – I love how the gameplay is the same as Fallout 4. It gives me excitement when I am battling and makes me want to play again.

What I hate..

Addictive – Yes! Damn! I spent my entire 4 hours when I played the game for the first and yes! It includes the time I spend jerking off.

Final Verdict for Fuckout 4

So folks, here I am on the last thing I wanted to say on this sex game. I will give you a warning because it will give you a different experience both sexually and in entertainment. Fuckout 4 will satisfy your fetish needs you will get what you deserve. Stop thinking twice or thrice and just try this game so you will know what I am saying. Perfect sex game!


  • Great Quality
  • A lot of Sex Scenes
  • Awesome gameplay


  • addictive

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