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XXXCharted is a parody sex game of Uncharted. When you get in the porn game, you understand that this is something you have been waiting for years. Premium porn game where you can fulfill all your fantasies and play multiplayer sex games! Get your crew together and fuck the whole world!

Would you like to see your favorite sex game characters in their most intimate times? If yes, then you can try an adult parody games such as Grand Fuck Auto, Red Bed Seduction, Call of Booty, XXXCharted and many more. In this review, we will focus on XXXCharted. Yes, it’s inspired by Uncharted, which is very popular nowadays. 

You can locate XXXcharted in Gamer Access Hub, which you need to purchase a VIP membership. No worries as you will not only pay for one particular game, but for all of the games that they have. They have the hottest collection of porn game parodies. Aside from this, you can also play bonus games. So, you will have many choices for signing up for VIP membership. There will be some questions about your sexual preferences, and you have to verify your age before you pay for the VIP membership. 

So, when you play XXXCharted, you choose from story/game mode or a hands-free mode. In Story Mode, you will be controlling the characters into their journey, while the hand-free mode is more on watching sex in 3D. So, if you want to watch the characters in Uncharted banging each other, then you should try hands-free mode. Otherwise, if you’re going to enjoy the adventure and sex gameplay, later you should try the Story Mode. By the way, there will be a voice-over that will tell XXXCharted’s story or the plot. So, it’s more on watching than playing. But, you will have a lot of ideas about the game, and it’s truly amazing. 

What’s good in XXXCharted is you can access it either through your laptop, desktop and even on your phone (IOS and Android). the visual quality of the game is perfect and impressive 


Tons of Bonus Games

As XXXCharted is like a storytelling-adventure game, it’s quite right that they have bonus games, if you get tired of watching and listening. Don’t belittle the bonus games, as it has excellent graphics as well and very amusing. You’ll not get bored quickly, and you will surely enjoy the mini-games. 

High-end graphics

Honestly, I never expected that XXXCharted would have great graphics as the original version. You will surely enjoy the game more because the drawings are details, and it has 3D graphics. You can see all the pussies and tits clearly like you want to lick and play with those. 

Free Porn Videos and Images

Well, XXXCharted is more on pornography than game, but you can still consider it as a game. Hence, they have thousands of nude and seductive pictures and a lot of porn videos. It is more on fucking and jerking off even if you’re the in-game model.

Different Play option

As I said, there are two options in XXXCharted on how you’ll play it. If you would like to play, have fun and enjoy the sex game, then you can use the Game Mode option. But, if you want to watch, be relaxed, and be horny as you want, then you can choose a hands-free mode. It’s very nice because there are times that you’re lazy to play but just want to enjoy the pornography side.



I paid for the item, and I expect that there will be no ads, but I was disappointed because few are coming up. I hate it, especially if I’m in the middle of the porn game or my business. 

Less Gameplay

I was kind of disappointed in the game because it’s more focus on pornography. I want to play the XXX rated version of Uncharted, but I have come to the porn side of it only. If I am looking for porn videos, then I should watch in Youporn, RedTube, and other popular porn video sites.


XXXCharted is a good game, and you’ll love it if you’re too curious about how do Uncharted’s characters look like when they are banging or fucking. But, after that, you will be left hanging and be bored because there’s not much to play with. Well, it can still make you busy and enjoy it. Therefore it’s always worth your time. Outstanding sex games!


  • Hot as hell!
  • Stunning girls
  • Makes you cum in no time


  • Shorter than the original game

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