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Chick Wars – Nutaku

Chick Wars – Nutaku

This game called Chich Wars (actually the game name is cunt wars, but I think they tried making it more appropriate.) Anyway, it is a Nutaku strategic sex game and guaranteed fun.

Right now, when the game is loading, I can see so much pussy that it is hard already. You can’t play online sex games without jerking off every 15 minutes. Remember the lubricant! Once you get in, it is hard to get out, and this game is so engaging with its beautiful animated girls that I’m thinking to switch only to these games and leave porn for a while.

Are you a kind of player that wants to think while playing a game? If you are, then you should try Chick Wars. It is a card game that you will surely enjoy. You can find this game in Be mindful that you need to log in to your account before you can play the fame. Otherwise, you have to create an account, and you’ll receive 100 tokens once you have verified your account. 

The game page is magnificent because you can find most of the game’s details before you can play it. You will have a brief idea of how to play or what is the game’s flow. On the game page, you will find a short video, brief description, and a few images for you to have a little idea about it. If you want some updates, but you’re not always on the website, then you can follow the game’s social media accounts. The key features of the game is included on the game page. 

Your game will be automatically saved when you logged in on your nutaku account. Another good thing is you can download the game on your android phone (sorry for iPhone users). 

Your character here is a warrior, and you have harems of sexy girls. You will be fighting with different monsters, and it’s a column by column fighting wherein you are on the left side, and your enemy is on the right side. There will be four cards available on the bottom left side of the page, and you can fight the monster by choosing on your cards. You can put each card per column box. Just like other card games, each card has different abilities; there are some archers or fighters. The card has an image of your harem in naked form or showing their boobs or pussy.

They are pretty, especially when you have released them. You can win the game after you beat the monster’s leader. A reward will be given to you once you overcome your enemy. The rewards might be money or a new card. 


Mouse to click and choose a card.



The rules of the game are easy to understand and easy to follow. You will know how you will end the game and how you can win it. 


You will be amazed by its graphics. It is like a game that you can find on the play store or apple store; the difference is that it has a twist of nudity and pornography. Some games are not good in my eyes. But, this game has detailed graphics and looks like a high-end game.

Fighting Scenes

The fighting scenes are not so violent; the characters are like hitting each other, but the effects of the scene are excellent.

Perverted Images

There is a lot of perverted images here; I mean, after you finish a round, a sex scene image will show up. The characters are naked, and you will see boobs, pussy, butts on your screen. 



The characters on the cards require an upgrade for them to be strong and for you to win each round, especially if the enemy is powerful. Hence, the requirements for the upgrade are hard to get, and it might be my challenge. If you are rich, then you can use diamonds to upgrade your cards. 


The game is so manly; I think girls would not want to try out the game. It is very addicting, and for me, the defense is the best offense. I really enjoy the game, so I will give it 4,8 out of 5 ratings.

Be the hero of your fantasy harem and have sex with them all. Enjoy the game. Amazing sex games!


  • Really erotic and pervert
  • A lof cum and nasty scenes
  • Lots of options to do what you like


  • No cons

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