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Ms. Packwhore

Ms. Packwhore

Everyone remembers Pacman and Ms.Pacman. Now we have news for you; Ms. Packwhore is here to eat your dick and fuck your brains out! This is one of the funniest and best sex games to play when you have your dick hard. I played this game for two weeks and got hooked on it because it is so sexy, and playing it is pure joy. Get your dick hard, sing up, and joy the ride!

Pac Man is an arcade game, and it’s trendy ever since. It is challenging, enjoyable, and fun to play. This game is Ms. Pacwhore, who is fucking erotic and has a pussy! Yes, you read it right, she has a pussy that you can fuck and play. I’m not sure what comes up to the developer’s mind as to why did they create this weird game. Well, everyone has its own reason, but the good thing about this is we are curious and want to try out the game. This game is recommended to anyone who wants to play a hot arcade game. 

You can play Ms. PacWhore in This site has a lot of parody games such as League of Lesbians, Grand Fuck Auto, Guido Brothers, and many more. Well, this website is not for free, as you will need to purchase a VIP membership before you can play the games. Honestly, this website is rocking the porn world as they have 244,523 members as of today. The games are superb and worth your penny. Don’t worry as their payment method if safe and secure. It’s not hard to look for Ms. PacWhore as it’s on the webpage. 

If you’re not a member yet and want to play the game, you have to verify your age then sign up with your card details. By the way, Ms. PacWhore requires flash, so you need a browser that allows flash. You can also switch to full screen or a less screen. This game is much like Pac Man, so you expect that this is fun to play, and you’ll surely enjoy it as you enjoy Pac Man on your childhood days. I’m not sure as to why it was a porn game; maybe because it has sexy legs and holding a dildo or perhaps when the ghost killed you, they are trying to fuck on the backside of the story — just a guess. Well, there’s a lot of games in freeporngames company, so you can still choose from those if you got enough in Ms. PacWhore.


Good Parody

It’s kind of shock that there’s a parody for Ms. PacWhore as you don’t know how does it fuck or what does the pussy it looks like. I think it’s a good parody because no one expects this kind of game. 

Great Animation

When you open the game, you wouldn’t realize that this is an adult game because it’s much better than the original version of Pac Man. I love how Ms. PacWhore is walking and running from the ghosts. 

Browser Games

It will save my time, effort, and space to play Ms. Pac Whore. You can also play the game wherever and whenever you are since you can play this on your browser, of course, that allows flash. 


Don’t have much sex scenes

What’s sad here is there no much porn in it, but there’s a lot of levels that you can go through and just looking at Ms. PacWhore’s sexy legs. What we look for in a porn game is sex scenes and erotic scenes. However, this game does not have much of it, so I think you wouldn’t enjoy it. 


Honestly, I can’t tell if this game is an adult game because it’s not too revealing or not nude. The Gameplay itself looks like the original version of Pac-Man. I was kind of disappointed because I was expecting weird sex such as ghosts fucking PacWhore, or she’s doing a blowjob or finger, but it doesn’t happen. Although I have enjoyed the game and it’s a good thing that has a lot of better porn games than this. I recommend this to have fun, but I don’t recommend this to bony people. With this, the rating is 3.4 out of 5. Awesome sex games!


  • Good parody
  • Sexy and weird at the same time
  • Great animation


  • Weird sex

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