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Fucknite – Parody Sex Game

Fucknite – Parody Sex Game

Here we are again making tremendous reviews about the awesome games that we have nationwide! It is been a great day when it comes to giving you some warnings and ideas on how these impressive sex games will appeal to all the viewers, readers, and gamers out there.

Fucknite – Paroday sex game is based on the original game – Fortnite. This is an FPS (First Person Shooter) game that all gamers love. The original game has a team fight shooting each other. Each team consists of 5 players and there are different game modes that you can choose from. The goal of the players is to make sure that they win and killed their enemies.

First impression on Fucknite

Fortnite is very prominent in this generation, maybe because of how the game modes are and you can play it with any platform around the world. In that case, I never expected that parody! Yes! The sex game or adult game, whatever you want to call it is available and ready to play.

I first heard this sex game – Fucknite, a few weeks ago but I was too busy playing other sex games that I enjoyed so much, but I spent the time playing this.

Honestly, the first impression I had is I was aroused, like the hell! I felt very lewd looking at the small clips of the game. The clips are most likely the sex scenes on the game. Those fucking enormous boobs!! Big bouncing ass and I wanted to do anal sex with them. They are all amazing and I was wishing that I could make them real so I can fuck them whenever and wherever I like.

In regards to the game itself, I was very fascinated because this sex game is very alike to the original game. In the gameplay, characters such as Blaze, Raven, Astro Jack, Tomato Head, and other characters are playable in this game. The appearances of the characters are the same and you can hardly distinguish their differences. Can you imagine that? They have the same of everything.

I am also overwhelmed and impressed with the interface and graphics of Fucknite! They have a high-end resolution that you can enjoy!

What you must know before playing this awesome sex game that can make you cum all the time.

Well, I always play sex games through my web browser, except if I love it so much. And Fucknite is one of them! Yes, I really do like this game. From time to time, I am playing this through the downloaded app. But wait! If you just want to try it out for the first, you can play it on your browser. I tried to play it through Firefox, Chrome, and Opera mini and I haven’t got any issues.

The speed of the game is great as long as you have a great internet connection. You can also download it at a quick speed and it may take almost an hour of download, and that’s what I have experienced.

If you are a first-timer to play Fucknite – Parody XXX game, you will have to undergo some sort of questions. These questions are about your preferences, like your gender, your partner’s gender, size of boobs, ass, and what kind of sex would like (anal sex, deep throat, threesome). You can answer these questions in not more than 1 minute. Then, you have to create your account and put in your card details. No worries, because it is FREE for 2 days and if you keep playing after 2 days, they will charge your card.

What I love on this Fucknite – XXX games

Resolution – As I said, you can experience a high-end resolution when you play Fucknite! Imagine, you can see those naked bodies with a bottled shape body, showing their bouncing tits and ass in a high-end resolution? It is like a fuck night every day! What’s best here is when you see the sex scenes and you can move the angle of the camera to the best shot you wanted to see in HIGH-END FUCKING RESOLUTION!! You will surely get aroused and you will jerk off your cock more than once or twice or thriceeee!!

Sex Scenes – Why would I play this game if I can enjoy playing the original game? Well, because it has amazing sex scenes! These sex videos will drive you crazy and you can watch it anytime you want.

Play Modes – You can play this game online or offline. I tried offline and online and there are enough players for you to join. Also, maybe, you can find someone that wants to get fuck just like what you wanted.

I hate this is Fucknite!!

Ads – Oh jeez! There are a lot of ads when you play this for FREE. That’s what you get when you play it for free. Honesty, once I can’t avoid myself from jerking off, but the ads are interrupting me.

Addicting – Yes! And I don’t have enough time to play my other games. So you better watch out!

Final Thoughts..

Do I have to explain myself? I don’t think so.. I love the game, it made me aroused like ever before and I always felt the urge to fuck my hands and I waste a lot of sperms because of this sex game. You better play and enjoy it! Don’t think twice or thrice and just do it. I swear that you will not regret it. I will give this a 4 out of 5 ratings. Breathtaking sex game!


  • Great Resolution
  • Bonuses
  • Sexuality


  • Addictive
  • Ads

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