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Sex Emulator is new-age sex game with a lot of customization options for building your dream partner. If you are an avid fan of best sex games or live-action and you want to tell her what you want her to do, then you are on the right website. This game or website is like hitting one bird with two stones because it is a sex games in an emulator. 

Sex games are inspired from a video game named “Softporn Adventure”. In the later 1980’s the first erotic game was released from Japan. Moving forward sex games have been very popular wherein they are showing more nudity and sex acts as character motivation. The developers released different platforms of any kind of video game with sex acts that help us satisfy or sexual fetishes. 

Time to time, inventors are not satisfied with what early sex games are offering. The sex games creator and developer translate this to an emulator so they can give more realistic experience when it comes to sex. An emulator is a software that enables the computer to act as another computer. This forms an emulation wherein is it recreating what is in the environment. So, in a simple explanation, it will help us to see and do something (to have sex or play with) with a computer. 

So yeah! Enough with the nerdy information about everything. 

We know that sex games give us an extraordinary experience when it comes to sex. I mean, we enjoy those pornographic videos but it is plus if you play the games because they offer different kinds of platforms such as RPG, Simulator, Dating, VR and 3D games. They can transcribe those into sex acts and nudity games that you will surely satisfy your sexual cravings. 


They are a sex emulator website wherein you can create your own perfect babe to play with. They want us to feel the high-level experience when it comes to 3D sex. They want to guide us throughout porn fantasy and not just limit our imagination and for us to easily and freely interact with the ultimate woman of your dreams. They also have a wide variety of free porn videos and more adult games to enjoy. 

If you want a hardcore porn videos and want to try this out with anyone, then you can do it through


When you visit the website, you will see a woman sitting on the couch wearing nothing and will introduce herself through the script below the page. You will feel like you are in one dark room and she is sitting in front of you and waiting for your response. Honestly, she looks real and very pretty and sexy and make my boner show. This is an interactive game that you can enjoy. 

She will ask you some questions before you can continue playing, such as if multiplayer is important to you and if you are you skilled enough. Afterwards, it will check if your browser or a device is compatible with their games, once it is okay then you can go on to the next step (my favorite step), wherein you will create your own perfect babe and choose from the options – such as their ethnicity, hair color, and size of her boobs. I chose red-haired Asian with medium boobs. Once done, you will command her what to do by clicking the skills on the left side of the page. 

She will show her moves whenever you click your desired skills. I chose tits and she will play her titties in front of you like hell and yes, it will make your boner and want to cum she also moans as hell that can even increase your fetish cravings (you have to masturbate while playing this game. If you love anal sex, then you must click the anal skills because she will show her dildo and insert it in her butthole, moans like hell like inviting you to come inside her butthole and fuck her harder. If you are somehow masochist then you can choose the spank skills wherein, she will spank herself and will talk dirty to you. This is recommended when you want to masturbate and to boost your sex cravings. 

She will level up every time you click any skills you want and when her level was increased some of her skills will be available for you to command her. This is pretty amazing because it is like you are really talking to a real person and she is inviting you to have sex. 

When her skills increased and she levelled up she will congratulate you and ask you to create an account for you can save your progress. 

If you have a girlfriend or a partner and she do not want a wild way of fucking then you can have your imaginary women on this website to fuck with and she will obey whatever it is. 

Also, the game I have introduced a while ago is just one of their game samples that you can enjoy more when you sign up and enter your valid card details. 

I almost forgot to say that the graphics of this game is amazing, it is in 3D and the characters are very realistic. Her moves and the way she talks is so real that you will not think twice if it is real or not. 

They can detect your location and she will verify your age. Afterwards, you will create your free player profile, such as adding your email address, password name and your zip code. 

You will be directed to their secure join site page to add your valid card details but it is showing that there is no charge if you will add the details. You can see what will you enjoy the benefits of being their members, such as hundreds of games, HD Videos, Unlimited downloads, FREE live sex cams, VR Videos, streaming anywhere and Free mobile access. They also verify that their website is secure, private and safe. 

They also offer additional details for their Platinum offer for $39.94 per month and you have 7 Days free trial. Definitely worth the trial.

Please note that there are some cards that they do not accept and you might want to find other cards that you can use to sign up. 

While you are on the page, there is a flashing videos of their characters kissing, fucking, licking pussies and fingering each other. In short, you will be given a short access of all of their contents available inside the website. You also have an option to pay for their premium access wherein you will enjoy their premium videos. 

Once you have submitted your membership payment, you may now enjoy all their games and choose from different games they have. You can also continue the interactive game that we played earlier and if you want to dry yourself up and if you really enjoy it. 

I also noticed that you can learn anything from their website by clicking the links on the bottom part of the website, such as about, 3D, Adults, Cartoon, Hentai and Sex Simulator. If you are a reader then you can click this for more information. 


User-friendly and straightforward.

You can easily choose the games you want and they have categorized all of their games from different platforms and different kind of porn games they have such as, lesbian, big titties, blowjob, amateur, threesome, big dicks and many more. 

Aside from that, they also categorized their newest, top-rated and most played. 

Wide variety of games

They have a lot of games that you can choose from such as hentai, cartoons and many more. 

Wide Variety of porn videos and live videos

If you are bored with their games and want to see real person then you can go on and choose from their live videos or the recorded porn videos. 

Let me be honest, that real person turns me on more than the 3D interactive game and if I am I had enough of games, I can just go to their homepage and choose a live or recorded video. 

Great Graphics

Just like I said, the interactive game I had earlier has a great 3D graphics and it is working smoothly depends on your device or speed of internet. But I can definitely say that their games have a high-end graphics which will overly satisfy your fetish cravings and will increase your pervert desire. 

Informative website

Some of the websites are scam and will just get money out of you to play their games and you will learn that there is not so much on the website. However, this website will give you more information and details that you can check if it is legit or not before you can go on and sign up.

Secured and Safe

Of course, you have to make sure that your card details and your personal information associated with it will be safe and SEXEMULATOR.COM guaranteed that it is safe to use your cards and personal details on their website. 


Sign up page

It is a bit of cons for me because most of the website I saw can explore the website first before you can decide to sign up or not, but I think due to curiosity, you will end up joining and adding some details. 


If you want to explore your imagination and go beyond it, this website will give you more of that. 

This website is worth every penny if you are into porn videos and games and if you want full access and every great offer they have. This website is genuine and very real. So, I can give 8 out of 10 score for this website. 🙂


  • Wide variety of porn videos and live videos
  • Great graphics
  • User Friendly
  • Super erotic game


  • Only small demo

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