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3d Sex Villa 2, this free sex game is for PC only. It has free signup, but you have to download the game, but it is worth it. At the 3D Sex Villa 2, you feel like Hugh Hefner fucking your hookers. That is a way of taking a holiday, or spend your whole life! What would be nicer than be in a huge villa fucking around gorgeous girls like Dan Bilzerian? Well, I don’t know and if you can’t do that in real life, let’s get playing.

3D Sexvilla is the next generation of interactive games, and you will find many hot girls in this game. They will definitely make you cum. Obviously, this game is the upgrade of 3D Sexvilla; hence, there are a lot of great new features. In this review, we will talk about how horny and sensual you can be on 3D Sexvilla 2.

3D adult games are trendy nowadays. Well, I even prefer 3D games that standard games. 3D Sexvilla 2 is developed by thriXXX, and this isn’t the only game they have developed. More 3D adult games were developed by thriXXX such as Gogo 2 and  Chathouse Roulette. More likely, 3D Sexvilla 2 is more like a simulation-interactive game. This game costs US$9.95 + pre-purchase add ons. You won’t regret purchasing this game because it’s worth your time and penny. This game will make you cum anytime, anywhere and anyhow you want. 

3d Sex Villa2 Features

In this game, you’re able to customize your girl. You can choose her tits and pussies’ size. I mean, you can customize every detail of her body, so if you want bigger eyes, you can do it. If you want massive tits and small nipples, then you can change it. You can also customize the size and looks of their pussies. So, everything will be designed by you. You can make your dream girl through this game. Not just that, but you can make your dream girl suck your cock, do a blowjob or handjob, you can also ask her to play with her pussy and seduce you. If you want a badass chick, then you can add some piercings or tattoos in her body. You can also put some jewelry and change her hairstyle.

What’s significant here is that you can make them look like your favorite celebrity. These girls will obey you and will make all your requests just for paying not over AU$10.  Can you imagine that?! If you tell them to show you they’re but or if you ask them to do a doggy style, they’ll do it without any hesitation, and you can do it every day or anything you want just for paying AU$9.95. Aside from customizing the girls, you can also customize the tabs, toolbars, and you can create your customer toolbar wherein you can add your favorite commands. 

This game is not just about commanding, fucking, or customizing. Just like other games, this has challenges which you will enjoy. 


FaceMaker features

It is where you can easily customize your girl. If you want to copy someone or you want the girl to look like someone you dream of, then this feature will absolutely make it easy. 

Customizing the characters

Everybody has their own preferences. I might like big boobs, but others want massive boobs. In this feature, you can do whatever you want. You can choose which looks will make you horny and want to fuck the girls. 

More Sex Positions

This game might be the next version of Kamasutra! They have a lot of sex positions that you can command to the chicks. Kamasutra is more on information and images, but this one is moving. It’s a video, and it’s more erotic. You will know the different positions here. 

Sounds are excellent

How lovely if you hear the girls moaning while you fuck them? Or how do you feel while they are playing with their pussy and titties? It’s very sensual in a way that you can’t help yourself jerking off. 


Requires download

Honestly, there are not many cons to this game, and It’s perfect. However, I just don’t like a downloadable game because you have to download it to all your devices. Like, I want to play on my desktop right now, but I’m away for a week, then I have to download it on my laptop. What if I  forgot my laptop? I might miss playing the game. This is, in my opinion, but some guests prefer downloadable games. 


If you’re always alone and can’t find someone you can fuck, then this game is perfect for you. It’s advisable if you’ll buy some sex toys so you can feel it realistically. You will love all its features and sex positions. You will be addicted to this game. Astounding sex games!


  • Ultimate graphics
  • Group sex
  • Nasty


  • Requires download

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