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Call of Booty

Call of Booty

Parody name of Call of Duty, I guess you realized. At Call of Booty sex game, these booties are really calling me! I don’t know anything better than killing everyone and spraying my cum on dead motherfuckers. When you start fucking these terrorist-look-alike whores, you will cum in seconds! These girls are so freaking hot that I don’t understand why sex games haven’t been a thing before!

Have you tried to play Call of Duty? If yes, then you know how violent or how much action does it have. What if there’s a similar game like Call of Duty and it has a twist of nudity and pornography? How do you feel? Exciting, right? Let’s not beat into the bush! The porn game’s name is called Call of Booty. It has the same gameplay and storyline as Call of Duty, but this is more porn. By the way, this is a 3D game.

Let me shed some light for you. Call of Booty is not alone because there’s a lot of parody porn games on the internet that you can play, such as Grand Fuck Auto, Fuckout 4, Game of Whores, and many more. Well, if you love the G-rated version of this game, then you will enjoy the X rated version. In Call of Booty, you’re the one who makes the rules, and you call the shots. All your darkest and wildest sex fantasies are in this porn game, which will surely satisfy your fetish cravings. Not just that, but you will also enjoy playing the game. 

Once you’re on its website, you will have to ask some questions and pay for a VIP member access before you can play the game. Don’t worry because you’ll be paying for all the games they offer after you have paid the VIP access. 

PROS of call of Booty

3D Graphics

You wouldn’t think that Call of Booty is a parody game, because the graphics are and realistic. You will totally enjoy the fucking scenes and the actions. There are some parody games that I have been to, and it’s kind of disappointing because of the graphics. It somewhat looks like the original character, but Call of Booty serves you differently. 

Sound Effects

As I said, the games look original, and the sound effects never disappoint you. It’s giving a different experience when the gunfight is happening. Aside from that, it’s giving more life into the sex scenes. Every moan, every sound of cock banging the pussy is fucking erotic. 

Sex Scenes

Bloody Hell!! There’s a lot of scenes in Call of Booty, and it’s not that challenging to fuck those bitches. Of course, as the graphics are so detailed, the pussies, tits, and cocks are fucking amazing! It’s very realistic on how the women are fingering and how the liquid is coming outside their pussies. 

Play through your browser

It is my favorite because you don’t have to download and wait for it to finish before you can play the game. You can either play it on your computer then switch on your Mac or Laptop without downloading it again. It won’t require some space, and that’s very nice. 

CONS of Call of Booty


Unfortunately, this game has limited advertisements. Yes, you have paid for it, but there’s still an annoying touch of ads. I spent the game, and I expect that ads are popping from time to time. It’s no always, but still irritating. 


Call of Booty is in Fire!!!! A lot of sexy and nude girls are on your screen fighting for their lives are intense and sensual. I feel like I want to fuck them whenever I want, and I want to lick their pussies like hell! If you’re a gamer, then you will totally love this game because it’s full of action and pornography. I’ll tell you that every penny that you’ll spend will be worth it. So? What are you waiting for? Come one!!!! Play this game! Spectacular sex games!


  • A lof of guns
  • A lot of sex
  • Real shooting game
  • Ultimate hot girls


  • A bit short story line

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