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Kamihime Project R – Nutaku

Kamihime Project R – Nutaku

Kamihime Project R is the adult porn game version of the Kamihime Project and is available to play for free on Nutaku. You are a warrior who finds the Device that bounces them to an epic journey to save the world from Ragnarock, an apocalyptic event that once destroyed the ancient civilization many Millenium ago.

Kamihime Project R is one of the best sex games that will not make you bored. The storyline is way beyond a normal plain where things just happen one after another. This game will capture your attention for hours while you solve the mysteries of the ancient world.

Another Nutaku game is rocking the sex adult game world! Do you want to know what it is? None other than, Kamihime Project R. It’s a Japanese game wherein the characters look like an anime. Well, Japan is the home of anime. 

Kamihime Project R is an RPG game with different hot and horny girls. Before you start the game, you have to log in to your Nutaku account. Otherwise, you have to create a new account and verify your email address for you to get a hundred gold. 

Just like other Nutaku games, Kamihime Project R has an excellent game page. Why? Because you can find different nude and alluding girls in the background. You can also find a short video, key features, summary, and a few images on the game page. It is good because you’ll know if you will want the game. It will also save your time, because you will have all the details before starting the game. 

When you start the game, a nude girl will welcome you. Three men are fucking her; it’s so sensual. I felt horny when I began the game, and I want to fuck instantly! Let me continue; you will have an option to skip or autoplay the scenes. Of course, just like other games, there will be a tutorial or instructions for you to know how to play or how to win the game. The fight scenes in the game are automatic; you just have to upgrade the girls that you will get through the roll. You can also get rewards through your quests. What’s good in Kamihime Project R is they have log in bonuses, and you can get more rewards when you play the game consecutively. You also have missions that you need to complete to level up and get more rewards. 


Controls by clicking. Simple as that.


2D Graphics

I never doubt that Kamihime Project R is famous in the adult game world because of its graphics. Aside from the sex scenes, the game itself is excellent. Almost all of Nutaku’s games have excellent drawings, and Kamihime is one of those games. I believe that people or visitors are initially attracted to how the game looks, and I think this is how Kamihime Project R invites people. 


When you finish the tutorial, the game will be easy for you. Why? Because you have to wait for the scene to end. It’s like you are watching the game itself, but you can also click some skills for you to win. 

Sound Effects

The sound effects add content to the game. It’s great when you are in the fighting scene, and it’s greater when you are in the sex or pornography scene. 


Too much button

As I said, you can easily understand and play the game. However, there are too many buttons that you have to play, and it’s not right in the eye. It is my opinion only because I’m the type of guy that wants everything to be appropriately aligned. But, I find the buttons scattered. 

No fullscreen

I find this as one of the cons because, as I said, there are too many buttons on the game, and they are keeping it on a small screen. 


Wow! I can say is WOW! The game is easy, and you just have to wait for the scenes to end. It’s perfect for a multi-tasking game because you can do your chores while playing the game. It is the exceptional side of autoplay. I have enjoyed playing the game and seeing horny girls. I love how the sex scenes were made and how was it on the game. You will undoubtedly hit two birds with one stone. What I mean is, you can satisfy your fetish cravings and be fun in playing at the same time. So, I will give a 4 out of 5 ratings for Kamihime Project R. 

Besides it looks stunning, it also sounds incredible. Dialogues are not boring like they sometimes are, graphics and the amount of details will surprise you every time. There is simply nothing bad to say about this game except it will most likely build serious addiction for you. That being said are you ready to try? Outstanding sex games!


  • Real Hentai sex game
  • Amazing animation
  • Great sexy girls
  • Rewarding joyrney


  • No cons, go for it

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