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Cyberslut 2069 – Parody

Cyberslut 2069 – Parody

Have you ever heard of Cyberpunk video games? Well, everyone knows about this game and Sex Games introduce you to its parody. The Cyberslut!! If you enjoyed playing Cyberpunk then no worry as you will enjoy playing CyberSlut more.

Imagine looking at the characters in Cyberpunk banging each other. The characters are all naked and having sex. Playing their pussies, playing with their boobies, and even playing with you. How would you feel? Oh yes, I bet you will be more aroused. You wanted to bang those fucking hot heroes. 

There are a lot of sex game parodies on the internet, but I did not know that they will immediately make a Cyberpunk sex video game. This ain’t just about the game but about those sweet mother fucking pussies. 

You may want to know what is inside of those heroes’ suites. What does it look when they are moving without wearing anything! Oh geez! This is what we’ve been waiting for. 

The Game

Cyberslut is an RPG XXXgame. Somehow it is also like a sex simulator game. Cyberslut 2069 has its own website and you can just search for it on the web. The first look at the site will make you very horny. Why? There is some sort of glimpse of the game, like how the characters are fucking each other, big cocks are there which girls will really enjoy. You can also see how does the game will look like and you will be more and more curious about it.

The game will check if your browser is compatible to play this game. An awesome feature of this game is you can create your character or customize your partner. See? The same as cyberpunk, but sexier, nudity, and intense. Your first option is to choose the hair color of your sex partner between Phoenix Red, Electric Blue, and Cotton Candy. Once selected, you can now choose between small, medium, or huge for boobies’ size! My favorite part! The look of your partner is constantly changing while you choose so you can play along. Once you confirm, you may now choose between none, some, and heavy for the tats. I chose heavy! Very bitch! Now, you will have to choose your implant then your destination. 

After you have verified everything, you need to create an account and enter your card details. Don’t worry because it is free for 2 days and secured but Norton. They will ask you to confirm things before you purchase the game. Once done, you can definitely play the game all you want. You can jerk off while playing the game.

Once you take into action, you will now join the futuristic universe of these hot awesome punks! You will be able to assign special characteristics to your characters which is sexual deviance. You can choose between anal, deep throat, nymphomania, and fetishism and you can also improve yourself to satisfy these bitch punk. For example, is you have a vibrating hand or you can have a hormone boost, you can also have a cock that can fuck anyone. It is like a super cock!

What I like

3D Characters – Honestly, I am more aroused and horny when the characters in the game almost look like a human. I mean, come on! This is intense and almost real. Looking at those boobs, nipples pussies especially the wet pussies are awesome in 3D. The cyborgs in this game are fantastic and I am more eager to fuck someone!

Sounds – The sounds are intense and full of action. I love the sound when I’m interacting with the cyborg and sexy babes, especially if they are moaning and flirting with my character. It feels so real and I am getting fetish satisfaction even more. 

Gameplay – This is a parody, but it almost just like cyberpunk. If you like playing cyberpunk then you will definitely love playing this.

Free to Play – There is a purchase option on this game to fully enjoy all its features, but having the free version is okay with me. 

Addictive – Do I have to explain this more? Porn + sex + cyberpunk = addicting!

Game modes – There are two game modes in this game, solo and online. You can meet different people when you play online. 

Download Free Sex Game – You don’t need to download the game and just play it with your browser. That’s it! No bigger space needed. 

What I hate

Card Requirement – Obviously? I don’t want to put in my card. But since I really want to play the game then do I have a choice?

Ads – If you are in free mode, always expect that there is something in it and it is the advertisement. 

Final Verdict!

You will love this game! As I mentioned, you will want to play this game. I would give 8/10 rating for this sex xxx game. Paying or purchasing something for this game is satisfying. You won’t regret paying because what you see is what you will get. Amazing sex game!


  • Free to play
  • 3D interface
  • Open World sex game


  • You will cum easily
  • Aroused time to tim

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