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Crystal Maidens – Nutaku

Crystal Maidens – Nutaku

Crystal Maidens, one more Nutaku hentai porn game and their best sex game. What a surprise that everybody loves it already. Game has been published a few years back but it is still rocking. Grab your genitals out, start playing and soon you will have a massive boner in front of you that you want to jerk off. Well, if not you can also play this game with your genitals hidden. Try your style and enjoy these hentai porn games as you like. We just want to give you a hint of how you could play it. Or how we test played it, maybe. Real XXX comics games with fluids and nudity, a lot of chicks and penises. Really nice plot and gameplay. Once again be the hero and have sex with them all. That is mainly your job. Ejaculation guaranteed for the fan of this cartoon hentai niche.

Do you like a strategic game and want to add some nudity or pornography into it? If you are, then you should try Crystal Maiden. It is one of the top RTS games on the internet. You can find this game in 

Just like other games in nutaku, you have to log in to your account before you can play the game. Otherwise, you can sign up and verify your email address for you to get free hundred gold. 

Well, the game page is very inviting and enlightening. Why? Because you can find a short video, a few images, and key features Crystal Maiden. You will immediately know if you will like the game. You can also find a summary, game category, and the game’s social media account. 

When you start the game, you will see an image of a sinking ship, and you’re one of the crews on the ship. You woke up to a pretty and sexy girl in front of you, and her name is Nuka. She will ask for your help to defeat the dark wizard who controls the mind of an army of maidens.

Then, she will give you an amulet to gather your army of maidens. It is how your journey begins. You can summon a maiden through the shop, and the first maiden you will have is Selena. So, you will click “campaign” to fight off the dark wizard’s maidens. It’s a strategic game, and you have to plan your action before attacking or using skills. You have to minimize your attacks because the wizard’s maidens have a chance to attack. That’s how the game works, and if you want to know more, then play it! You will be addicted, especially if you’re a real gamer. 




2D Graphics

Crystal Maiden will not disappoint you! They have excellent and detailed drawings. You wouldn’t have an idea that this is an adult game because of its illustrations; I mean, most of the adult games have low-end graphics, but Crystal Maidens is an exception. 


You wouldn’t have guessed that Crystal Maiden is for free. Yes! It’s for free. You can enjoy a sensual, action, and strategic game for free. You won’t have to pay much just to enjoy and be erotic. 


Well, you can easily understand the rules of Crystal Maiden. After all the tutorials or instruction, you will surely know what to do next and how would you finish or win the game. 

Android Platform

Well, most of Nutaku’s game is available in the android platform. You can play the game while you are traveling. It’s more convenient for the games to play using the phone because you can easily open the game, or you can lie down while playing. 


Not much sexy scenes

I was expecting to see more sensual or revealing images since Crystal Maiden is an adult game, but most of the characters are just hot and not too nude. 


You will love the game as I do. It’s a fighting, defense, and strategic game that will make you think twice before moving. If you want to exercise your mind or if you’re a problem solver, then this game is for you. I love Crystal Maiden’s rule, and I love the girls here, especially their boobs. Crystal Maiden deserves a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Awesome sex games!


  • Lovely storyline
  • Capturing gameplay
  • Erotic Scenes


  • No cons

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