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PokeCUM – Parody XXX Game

PokeCUM – Parody XXX Game

Howdy, Folks! I am back today for a great discussion about an unbelievable sex game. The game that we will talk about today is based on a very known game of all time and I will do my best to justify this.

Who would not know the game POKEMON? Even kids know this game and everyone loves it. They have had a movie and tv shows based on this game from Japan. Of course! The adult and sex world will not be left you behind so here it is, let me give you concise information and details about the XXX game PokeCUM!! Yes, you read it right! It may sound silly and weird to know that Pokemon has an adult sex game, but I remember that ever since I was a kid I always see a pokemon sex game.

I remember the first fan-made pokemon sex game I played before, it was Ash fucking Misty and you can click the mouse to push Brock over to Misty so he can fuck him. I also remember what does Misty’s reaction when she’s sucking Ash’s cock and Brock is eating and playing with her pussy and I was aroused and jerking off while playing that.

What you must know before playing PokeCUM.

PokeCUM has a website on its own and you can play through any browsers you have, like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera Mini. You can also download it to your device so you can have a full version and capacity of the game.

Before entering the game, there is some sort of questions that you need to answer. No worries because it won’t take much of your time and it’s just about your preferences regarding nasty and dirty sex. Afterward, you will create an account (if you are a new member) then put in your card details. The good thing about this because the site is secured by Norton and you are safe to put in your card details.

Also, when you get into the PokeCUM website, you will see short clips of the sex scenes in this game. You will also see how does it looks like and I am pretty impressed! Like hell! PokeCUM is a lot way better than the pokemon sex game I had before. I was very excited to see how it looks like and it did not disappoint me.

As you all know, the original game – Pokemon, is an open-world adventure game wherein you will look for pokemon and battle with them. The best part is that they have the same concept as to how you will play PokeCUM. The difference is that there is some nasty phase in the game.

I know that it sounds weird and silly to think that pokemon are having sex and I find it not very arousing. But when I played PokeCUM I realized that I can be aroused and get an orgasm when I saw Charizard fucking Misty and she loved it so much. Looking at her face and bouncing boobs makes me jealous of Charizard.

What is in PokeCum??

This sex game comes with a hardcore scene, Ash is licking Misty’s tits and Pikachu is licking Misty’s pussy. At first glance, it was very arousing. It may be a short clip but it was a long hell of paradise for me.

The battlefield of the game is okay. It is the same as what is in the original game. You can fight off with other player’s pokemon and you can get a reward by fucking them if you win.

What do I like the most?

Quality of the Game – As I said, this is way better than I have experienced before. Can you imagine looking at those high-end hentai sex scenes? And the resolution is superb! I can even feel my boner when the image of the game is coming into my mind.

Complete Characters – Yes, everyone that you know is in this game! You can play around in which character you wanted to fuck with.

A lot of Sex Scenes – Well, this is what I came for, right? To jerk off like there’s no tomorrow. This is my everyday inspiration to write for you! The sex scenes in PokeCUM can make you crazy and there are a lot of them.

Awesome Gameplay – Since I was a kid I always love playing pokemon. I love catching pokemon and battling with other players and PokeCum gave me two birds with just one shot!!

What I hate..

NPC – There are a lot of characters in PokeCUM – XXX game, but most are not playable.

Addictive – I spent 6 hours playing this game for a day! What a waste, right?

My final verdict

PokeCum – XXX game is a remarkable game. It will satisfy your fetish needs and nasty imagination. You can get a screenshot of your favorite scene and keep it wherever you want, so if you feel that urge to fuck someone, then you can just look at it and jerk off. The quality of the game is outstanding and you will never know that it is just a parody! You will never regret playing this game. Awesome sex game!


  • Perfect Game Quality
  • Easy gameplay
  • Unbelievable sex scenes


  • Addictive

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