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Sacred Sword Princesses – Nutaku

Sacred Sword Princesses – Nutaku

Fascinating and expansive setting! This free sex game has a complex and playful storylines! That is how Nutaku describes their game and while I was playing the game Sacred Sword Princess it really was like that. The amazing storyline with multiple character choices, old school energy levels at battles and lots of erotic material to unlock. Classic action RPG game with the sexual vibe.

There’s a lot of fish in the water. I mean, there are a lot of adult games all over the world and the internet. You will be surprised by showing the character’s boobs or pussy getting wet. You’ll feel horny by just looking it at. If you are a gamer and want to spice up your game, then it’s best for you to try out the adults. 

If you are a fan of the RPG adventure game, I suggest you play Sacred Sword Princesses. You can find it on, and it has high-quality graphics. 

Once you have opened the games, you can see images, brief description, tags, and social media accounts. You can also see the key features of the games, and the best part of this is you can download it on your phone. It’s incredible, right? 

You are enjoying the game, and you can also see the nude fucking babe as a character. I bet you will be more engaged than a typical game. 

You need to create an account bind to, which you can also get 100 tokens to use in the game. There are two servers to choose; S1 Isabelle and S2 Trisha, then you also have to agree with their terms and conditions. A good thing about here is you can play a matching game while waiting for the loading section to finish. Long loading time will not waste your time because you can earn rewards from the matching game to use on the main game. 

The game is about a formidable Mistress of the Night who is searching to devour the Kingdom of Mirgadia, and you will save the kingdom. At first, you will have to give a nickname to your character, and Luna will come out, she will be your assistant throughout the game There will be a short introduction and you have to undergo a tutorial. All of a sudden, Luna will hold your hands and placed it on her fucking breast. Your character’s cock will harden, and she will be pleased with it. You will have a chance to see Luna in naked, showing her big breasts and her wet pussy. 

There will be a goal or a task that you have to complete. You will be fighting with monsters and its boss. Of course, there will be rewards every time you completed the task. 


Holding the right button of the mouse is for walking

Double click is for dodging. 

Clicking the skills options to use. 


Engaging settings

The game is not hard to understand and play. Once you are done with the tutorial, it will be easy for you to play the game. 

Key Features

Your inner self will be engaged and excited to play the game because they have a lot of key features. The sex scenes are great and realistic; hence, the sounds and moans of all the fucking babes on the game are very alluding. You’re unable to control your boner. 


Honestly, I’m always attracted to the interface of a game. If I find it beautiful and realistic, my fingers wanted to choose the game without thinking. This game does not disappoint me because it has realistic graphics. You won’t even think that this includes pornography and nudity. 

Gameplay and Storyline

You will be wowed and amazed by its storyline. You will be eager to know what will happen and how would you end the game. The story and the gameplay are engaging and inviting. 


Minimal sex scenes

For me, this will be more attractive as an adult game if there are a lot of sex scenes. Yes, we want to spice of nudity in a game, but you can feel hornier and sensual if there’s more nudity in the game. 

Sacred Sword Princesses Conclusion

The game is addictive in a way that you will be eager to finish the game and wants to know the ending. The sex scenes here are sensual and inviting. It’s a good thing that they have an option to download the game, so you don’t have to go into the browser and play it. Another thing is you can play anywhere and any position you want. I have enjoyed the game and still want to play it. I highly recommend this game, and for that, I will give them a 4.7 out of 5 ratings. 

Challenge yourself for the power hidden deep within the Maidens. Try your best luck to save this world. Spectacular sex games!


  • Brand new playing experience
  • Intuitive controls
  • Action RPG, easy gameplay
  • Incredible storyline


  • Again, addictive for bginners

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