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Nutaku Sex Games

Nutaku Sex Games

Let me be honest, despite being an avid sex gamer, I’d never played a single adult game before discovering Nutaku. All I knew about adult games were the annoying flashing banner ads that pop up on adult websites, and I detested them. However, I’m slowly warming up to adult games, thanks to Nutaku. is a Canadian online porn gaming site dedicated to fulfilling adult gamers’ fantasies with their exciting selection of hentai porn games. The site boasts about 22 million visits per month and is the sole distributor of DMM games outside Japan. When you visit, the first thing you’ll notice, after confirming your age, of course, is their wide selection of games.

Nutaku has someone for everyone and will satisfy your perverted fetishes with their numerous adult game genres. They even let you enjoy porn games on different platforms such as browser games, downloadable games, mobile games, and desktop client games.

On their homepage, Nutaku features the best games from each category. The home page features top-ranking mobile games, top-ranking downloadable games, and exclusive games. They also feature their top picks and staff’s best picks to save you the time you’d take scrolling through their entire catalog.

One thing that sets Nutaku apart from other adult websites is its clutter-free, user-friendly layout. Most adult websites are notorious for cluttering their websites with numerous intrusive banner ads that ruin the user experience. However, is not like most adult websites. It seems they are determined to give porn game fans a distraction-free, arousing adult gaming experience, and boy, do they deliver.

What can you find from Nutaku?

Titillating hentai porn games – that’s what you can find on The folks at Nutaku leave no stone unturned as far as satisfying your adult gaming fetishes is concerned. The site caters to all sorts of fetishes and sexual orientations with its wide selection of game categories. Whether you want to play dating simulations or lesbian role-playing games, Nutaku has you covered with over 60 different games in their catalog.

If you think that all porn games are crappy flash games, think again. Nutaku features adult games from the best game developers to give you a mind-blowing adult gaming experience. There are numerous free porn games for desktop, android, and browser to ensure that you get something that tickles your fantasies.

The games feature a perfect balance between an entertaining gaming aspect and an arousing porn angle. While gaming on Nutaku, your hand-eye coordination will be put to the test with all the wild porn action happening in the games. What’s your concentration level when beautiful hentai women are doing all sorts of wild stuff to each other right in front of you? You’ll find out when you game on Nutaku.

Free to play games

You don’t need to pay anything to access the most adult games on Nutaku. The platform aims at letting everyone experience the exhilaration of porn gaming. You, however, have to create an account with them to play. Nutaku, however, also has premium games that you can purchase and enjoy. Premium games offer a “more specialized” fantasy.

After signing up to, you’ll get a welcome package of 100 free gold points that you can use to play some of the premium games. Nutaku gives you the option to receive their newsletter by ticking a checkbox when you sign up. You can untick the box if you don’t want to receive any communication from them.

If you’re in the market for a more immersive porn game experience, Nutaku has two words for you – virtual reality. That’s right; you can play some Nutaku adult games in VR. If you’ve never experienced VR gaming, then Nutaku is the perfect place to pop your cherry, pun intended. 


High-quality games

It seems like Nutaku has zero tolerance for mediocrity because every one of their games is as high-quality as it gets. Everything from the gameplay, graphics, story, and porn action is designed to satisfy your wildest fetishes. They also feature adult games from reputable developers to ensure that you only get the finest, most arousing adult gaming experience. 

Diverse genres

You won’t run of new experiences when you play on Nutaku. The platform has sixteen types of adult games ranging from role-playing action porn games to adult card games. Their diversified catalog creates an excellent opportunity for you to play your favorite games and even try new genres free of charge.

Free games

You can enjoy some stimulating adult games on Nutaku without paying a dime. Their broad selection of free games lets you play porn games from every genre, which is more than enough to satisfy your fetishes.

Straight-forward signing up process

Although you need to sign up to Nutaku to play their adult games, the signing process is pretty straightforward. You don’t need to submit billing information at sign-up, and they respect your privacy enough to give you the option to opt out of receiving their newsletters.

Excellent web layout

I bet you’d be infuriated if ads kept on popping up when you’re in the middle of an arousing adult game. I know I would. It seems Nutaku understands the frustration of distractions during gameplay, judging by their distraction-free web layout. Nutaku’s design is optimized to give you a blissful gaming experience. From featuring their top picks on the home page to limiting their site to only five pages, the layout is almost as arousing as the games on the platform. 

Multi-language support

Nutaku supports six languages on its website – English, Spanish, French, Deutsch, Chinese, and Japanese. At the top right corner of the homepage is a language tab that you can click to open a drop-down language selection menu. Clicking on any language will automatically translate the website into your selected language.

Language customization doesn’t stop at the website. You can also choose your games according to your preferred language. Just tick on any language to access games in that particular language.

Advanced search filters

Finding a game of your choice on Nutaku is effortless, thanks to their advanced search filters. The adult gaming platform allows you to filter games by genre, tags, language, supported platform, developer, and publisher. Their tagging system lets players use particular tags to find games related to the labels. For instance, if you’re searching for a French fantasy adult game to play on your browser, you’d only need to choose Francais in the language section and check the Fantasy box on the tags list to find your match. Easy peasy.

Virtual reality sex games

Nutaku offers a few fully uncensored adult VR games on its platform. Although the VR games are pay-to-play, they are well worth the price tag. If you’ve ever played any VR game, then you can imagine how titillating a porn game can be on VR.

Nutaku’s VR games feature various sex poses, interactive bodies, and high-quality graphics and environments. The game also features realistic facial expressions and voiceovers to give you an authentic VR experience when you play. It’s like having a woman over at your apartment, only naughtier, prettier, and cheaper.


Besides the fact that some games are pay-to-play, there’s no other con as far as is concerned. Even the pay-to-play plan for premium games can’t pass for a disadvantage unless you’re an ungrateful freeloader. There are already many free games to play on Nutaku, so a few premium ones shouldn’t be an issue. The premium games are pricy since they are of higher quality, and some even come in virtual reality.

Nutaku puts in their website to bring you exciting adult games, it’s only fair for them to charge a fee on their premium games. Besides, they don’t have banner ads on their website, so their only source of revenue is the fees they charge for their premium games.

Conclusion takes porn gaming to a whole new level with sensual hentai characters going wild on each other. If you’re a fan of adult games, then you’ll feel right at home on Nutaku. As far as porn games go, has established itself as a pacesetter, and we wholeheartedly recommend them. Amazing sex games!


  • A lot of games at one network
  • Free adult porn games
  • Biggest adult porn game networks


  • No cons

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