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Starwhores – Sex Game

Starwhores – Sex Game

We are here again to make an incredible review about an incredible sex game. Who would not know Starwars? There are a lot of series and versions of Starwars. From books, movies, tv shows, and games on all platforms. And now!! They have an adult sex game version of Starwars, called Starwhores.

Can you think of it? Having and playing your favorite Starwars personality in a pornography form? Like, seeing Luke Walker sticking her lightning sword to Princess Leia’s sweet big pussy? That’s very incredible! Don’t you think?

What do you have to know before playing Starwhores?

Starwhores has its website and you search it on any search engine. Once you are on the website, there are questions that you have to answer. These questions are most likely about your preferences. The first question is to choose your gender, then choose from Lisa and Scarlett for your sex partner, next is your partner’s ass size and boobs’ size (small, medium, large and massive). Then it will confirm your age and verify your browser’s compatibility. I have used Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera mini to play Starwhores and there is no issue with it.

Once done with the questions, a warning message or clarification is prompted. The warning messages are about having a boner all the time, the sex scenes are extreme and it includes domination. Players must create an account and put in their card details before proceeding to the game. No worries as the website are secured by Norton.

What I love here is that there are a lot of small fucking damn clips that will make you horny. Watching the clips all over again will make you very curious about how well the game worked.

Starwhores’ registration is FREE and the game is FREE for a few days for a trial. The players can decide to continue (pay it using the card you entered) or not.

The Gameplay

The main characters in Star Wars, just like Darth Vader, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker are available here in Starwhores. Are you imagining their threesome sex scenes? Because I am. Maybe when I continue playing the game I can see them having extreme sex.

Star Wars is an adventure game and it is alike to Starwhores. The players can meet different characters and they can bang them depending on how they control the conversation.

The players can choose from playing a multiplayer game or solo. They can also play online or offline. I tried playing all game modes and it was fun and great!

You would not know that this is a parody game only. You will surely enjoy and not just enjoy, but you can get what you deserve. There is some mission that is hard to fulfill, but that is what are games for, right?

What I like about Starwhores!

Video Quality – Starwars is a very known game and the graphics on all different platforms have an amazing resolution. There is no doubt that this Starwhores team adapted that quality. Think of it! Seeing Princess Leia’s high-end resolution pussies and bouncing boobs are very erotic. When I played the game, there are no times that I got a boner, but I have to finish the game to justify the review so I am calming myself not to jerk off or fuck my girlfriend.

Sound Quality – The quality of the sound or music is very important to me. Why? Because it is how I enjoy what I am playing and enjoy what I am hearing. If the quality is good and the sounds are grungy then I might not play it. Honestly, hearing Dart Vader’s huge cock coming in and out of Princess Leia’s pussy is very sensual to me. I can’t help myself from jerking off when I heard Princess Leia’s moan and a voice saying she loves it.

Controls – Not all games are easy to understand or to get the controls. But, Starwhores is straightforward. Once you are done with the tutorial, you can play the game without rechecking the tutorial.

What I don’t like about the game.

Ads – It’s normal to get ads on a Free trial, but it’s just for a few days and I hope they would minimize the ads in here.

Final Verdict

If you are in a mood to get nasty and be dirty then you are on the right path. Starwhores is an interactive and fun game that you will surely enjoy. Aside from that, it will give you an erection that you will never experience before. This is one of the greatest 3d sex games I ever had.


  • Extreme Sex
  • Ultimate Gameplay
  • Awesome Resolution


  • Ads
  • Addictive
  • Easy to cum

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