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World of Whorecraft – Parody Sex Game

World of Whorecraft – Parody Sex Game

Howdy Folks! Here we are again taking you to another porn world game. If you are a horny gamer and want to see your favorites champions in their sexy outfits, then you should play an Adult XXX game! Watching porn videos can give you an erotic experience and can make you cum like ever before. But playing a game with nudity and pornography in it is a different kind of experience that you will surely always look up to.

Sometimes, I am thinking why do I have to play an XXX game wherein I can watch a porn video. Then it came to my mind that I can hit two birds with one stone when I play and XXX game. Why? Because you can easily get horny.

Have you ever heard of a game called World of Warcraft? If no, this is an MMORPG massively multiplayer online role-playing game). It is set in a fantasy universe world and takes place in Azeroth. The characters here are somehow looking evil and ugly, but they all look so sexy. When I say sexy, it means that they have huge boobs, sexy outfits, bouncing ass, and bottled figure body! The game I across this week and will give a review is about the parody of World of Warcraft, called World of Whorecraft!

You should know before playing World of Whorecraft

The game title itself is very erotic in the players’ ears. I mean, you can see whores on your computer playing their tits in front of you and fingering their pussies.

World of Whorecraft has the same features and gameplay as the original game. This is packed full of fantasy porn action and has a stellar storyline and illustration.

You can play World of Warcraft through any well-known browsers, such as Google Chrome, Opera Mini, and Firefox. I tried playing it in all three browsers for a better review and there was no issue at all.

Once you are on the website, you will be asked about your gender preference, sex partner’s gender, ass size, tits’ size, and cock’s size (small, medium, large, and immersive). Then you will have to choose which type of sex you would like. If it is your first time playing the game, you have to create an account for FREE then put in your card details after. Norton is securing the website.

There are few days that you can play the game for FREE for trial, but after you will have to pay for it with real money (using the card details you initially put in), so you can continue enjoying the game.

World of Whorecraft is consisting of orcs characters and when you play this sex game. You will see different sex scenes wherein the orcs are fucking the champions. Imagine seeing big cocks coming in and out of a slutty whore’s pussy and they like it so much.

You can get your sex rewards by finishing your mission and winning the game. So the players will be eager to win the game and do their best to get what they deserve.

What do I like the most in this game?

Game Quality – I was a pre-teen when I learned about sex games and most of them are pixelated or the drawings are not that good. Like so bad, but what can I do? The technology way back is not so useful. But, right now the World of Whorecraft has impressive graphics that can make the players crazy with what they are seeing.

Perfect Resolution – World of Whorecraft has a 3D resolution. The scenes are crystal clear and the players can enjoy the view.

FREE Bonus – There are a lot of bonus sex clips and videos that the players can keep once they pay for the game in full.

What do you hate about the game?

Honestly, there is nothing I hate about the World of Whorecraft. This is fantastic, but maybe the reason I won’t give this XXX game a perfect rating is because of irrelevant questions. It is a waste of time and unnecessary.

Final Thoughts

This fucking game is impressive! They have an immersive development. It is a great thing that the team decided to carry on an awesome XXX game that will entertain you and give you a lewd experience like ever before.


  • Awesome game quality
  • A lot of game bonus
  • Easy gameplay


  • Addictive

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