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Cosmic Shock League – Nutaku

Cosmic Shock League – Nutaku

Cosmic shock League is a strategic puzzle sex game where it seems that after a puzzle you can have real action with the lovely cartoon girls in really erotic fantasy environments. Warning: you might cum quickly, so beautiful those characters are and sperm and vaginal fluids are all over the screen, probably at your gaming chair also.

Would you like to have some game with a twist of nudity? Then you should try Cosmic Shock League, which you can play in It’s a strategic puzzle game, and you can find the perfect babe. 

You have to create an account with Nutaku for you to start the game. If you are a new member, you will earn 100 tokens to use in your games. The game page is excellent as you will meet different attractive characters. You can also see a short video, a few screenshots, which category it belongs; Strategy, Puzzle, Action-Adventure, Tags, Key Features, and Updates. The best part here is that you can play it on your android phone. 

About the game!

Cosmic Shock League has characters who have seductive outfits. You have three rounds/chances to attack the opponents, it will be your opponent’s turn after your third attack. You have to match the color block so you can beat your opponent. Each block is associated with your sexy characters, and if you matched their colors, it would fill their bars. Once you’ve filled up their energy bar, you can use them to beat your opponent. They have different abilities and positions. Each of the girls in the Cosmic Shock League has its distinct backstory and stats. Certain girls are dressed more revealing than you can see on the loading page.

Cosmic Shock League currently features over 300 levels and dozens of different girls to choose from for your battle team. You can start fucking them when you level up one of the girls; they will become more vulnerable to your powers and show how they are pleased to what you have done to them by showing their precious boobs or their wet pussy.

In the battle menu, you can unlock the chests that you get after fighting other players. There are several types of breasts, and each type requires a different amount of time to unlock, or you can just buy it with diamonds to open it immediately. You can go to the card menu to see what you just received, organize your chosen team, and upgrade your cosmic shock girls. 

Do you think you have what it takes to seduce all the Cosmic Shock Girls? Come and play right now. 


Click and swipe to match colors.


Quick Loading

If your internet or device is not high-end, then this criterion might not effect. I love it because it will not take your time too much. You can play as soon as possible. It is advisable for all gamers who have low patience. 

3D Graphics

Who would have thought that adult games have this kind of graphics, right? It’s superb, and you won’t be disappointed with how the developers created it. The drawings are detailed. The fucking babe; their boobs, pussy, hell butt are so seductive. You will be carried away by your emotions, I mean you will feel hornier, and it will surely fulfill your sexual desires. 

Naked Girls

I have been into different adult games, and you have a long time playing for you see those fucking sexy girls. Well, in this game, you will often see naked girls. 


It might be a puzzle game, but don’t underestimate it. You will be addicted because the battle effects are tremendous, and you will be eager to collect all the girls to beat your opponent. 


Diamonds to collect

Technically, you have to work hard for you to earn rewards and sexy girls. You also have to work hard to fuck those babes. But, if you want a more comfortable way to collect, you have to use diamonds, which you can buy tokens. 


If you are a first-time gamer of the puzzle game, it will be hard for you to understand the controls because the skills do not have a description. But, eventually, while you are playing, you will get the idea, and you can surely enjoy the game. With all this, I can give a 4.5 out of 5 ratings.

These ladies are to fulfill every desire and more with you. Try and let the girls take you into your dreamland and get you into the sex land. More Nutaku games behind the login. Search for yourself or check our other Nutaku Reviews below this review. Amazing sex games!


  • Nutaku games
  • Sexy as fuck
  • A lot of fluids


  • Not everybody likes puzzles
  • Need to solve before sex

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