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Witch Fucker

Witch Fucker

Are you a fan of the well-known game, the witcher? Have you seen its TV Show? How about a wild fetish interest to Geralt of Rivia or to Yennefer? If yes, then you are lucky to have Witch Fucker. 

Originally, The witcher came from a book then a game was created inspired by the book. And now? A sex game of this famous game? Wow! This is totally amazing. Seeing Geralt’s cock and you wanted to suck it. Oh damn! That’s incredible. You will not imagine it, but you can definitely see it. Although you can not hold it. But, why not? 

Let’s not just stick with Geralt, because Yennefer is a different deal, Don’t you deny that. That sexy body, small but enough boobs. You might turn your mind, how about her pussy. Oh damn! It might be good if you lick it and play it with your hands. Those sweet pussies!!

Enough of them, because there are still a lot of characters here that you might want to try and having a wildest fetish dream. This xxx game will surely satisfy your wild imagination. 

What you must know 

Witch Fucker is a parody game of The Witcher and the game play is almost the same as how you will play The Witcher. This is a 3D simulator sex game.

You can play this game through its website. Just search through your browser and it will give you the link to play the game. You will easily get aroused and excited when you open the link as it has a different sex scenes from the game. You can see Yennefer sucking Geralt’s cock, or they are having threesome with Istredd. Or He is fucking Triss. You can see big cocks coming in and out of Yennefer’s pussies or you can see her tits juggling and bouncing in front of you. How arousing is that, right? 

Before you start playing, there are sort of questions that you have to answer. Don’t worry as it is a simple questions about your fetish needs. 

The game would like to confirm if you can tolerate the addiction that you might experience in the game or if you have any medical conditions (seizure, addiction, or aggressive behavior) that will arise while playing the game. After this, you will choose between Geralt, Yennefer, Milva and Triss) Then you will choose your partner from the same fictional character, except from the character that you chose. 

You will also be asked about your interest in playing Sex Games. Would you like extreme sex, group sex, domination, or fantasies. Then you will choose a game mode (Single Player, Multiplayer) that you prefer. The site will confirm your your age and browser compatibility. Once confirmed, you will be asked to put in your details to create an account if you are a new user. You will also need to put in your payment details, but don’t worry because you will not be charged for the first time. 

What at I like

Interface – The game is fantastic and you can’t deny that the game has great graphics. It is like the original game and you will enjoy the views you are seeing. What I love the most is the pussies, boobs, cocks or should I say the nudity almost looks real.

Sound Effects – Witch Fucker is not just about a sex game, but action is included in it as well. You are getting excited and an overwhelming feeling whenever you are listening to the sound effects of the action. And of course the fucking scenes. You would love the sound of moans and their voice calling out your character’s name.

Sex Scenes – There are a lot of sex scenes in this game, Threesome, anal sex, boob fuck, and even group sex. You will explore most of the positions when having sex and you will surely get aroused and might want to fuck right away. This is the best when you want to jerk off. You will cum right away. 

Gender Equality – Honestly, most sex games are focused on tits and pussies, but no cocks at all. I mean, there is but not entirely. In this game, you can choose a gender sex character and gender sex partner. This is good if you are bisexual, gay or lesbian, not just for straight people. 

What I don’t like

Card Requirement – This is a free game, but you have to put in your card details before proceeding to the game.

Gameplay – Honestly, it is hard to play the game just to see someone fucking. The sex scenes are great, but it takes time and effort for you to get your fetish rewards. 

Final Verdict

I enjoy playing the game and I don’t have any regrets when I purchase some items to explore more about the game. I would give an 8 out of 10 ratings for this game. This is a very addicting game like you don’t want to stop playing it, but it is worth your time.

No doubt that you will get aroused and this will be your runaway when you want to fuck. You can feel your sperms coming out on your entire village and everything inside will come out once you play Witch Fucker. Literally, you are a fucker!


  • A lot of sex scenes
  • Gender fucking equlity
  • Ergasm on the sound quality


  • Card verification

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