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Fake Lay – Nutaku

Fake Lay – Nutaku

Fake Lay by Nutaku is a cartoon sex game where you can stuff things inside your favorite girls and hear them moan for more as you hit them harder and harder with different toys and stuff. Sex game as it is and stong hentai vibe, fulfill your dreams in cartoon world for free and punish these girls as you wish. Nutaku game that offers fluids, pussy, porn and toys to play with. Try if you like cartoon fucking and jerking off. You may never know if you don’t try.

There’s a lot of adult games on the internet, but you can only find a few games that will make you come back. I found a game that draws my eyes, and it’s Fake Lay, which you can find in You will surely love the game, especially if you’re a clicker. Fake Lay is a casual, dating, and clicker game. If you know Fake Taxi porn videos, then you will love it because it’s similar to Fake Lay. 

Just like other nutaku’s game, you have to log in to your account before you can play the game. Otherwise, you have to sign up and verify your email address to get a hundred gold. 

Fake Lay’s game page is bold and very revealing because of the sexy and nude girls in the background. You can also find a brief video, summary, key features, and a few images on the game page. You will be curious about what Fake Lay offers, and you’ll know if the game is for you. 

When you start the game, you will know that you have inherited a taxi, and you will use it to spread sexiness and sensualities with your sexy fucking customers. Of course, there are some tutorials on how to that and this before you independently play the game. 

So, you will be a taxi driver, and you’ll pick up some sexy girls for you to take them a nude video. You will ask them to remove their clothes; they will decline you. So, you have to spoil them or give them what they need, such as sweet talk or gifts. You have to level up girls for them to remove their clothes and for you to fuck them. Can you imagine that you can take a video of those horny and hot girls? I hope that it can be in reality and just in games. I would love that. Just hook up some girl and take them a nude video. 


Clicking games




You won’t let the day end that you haven’t played this game. Why? Because you will want to make the girls remove their clothes, and you have to work hard to do that. 

Sound Effects

The sound effects are cool. I mean, the sound of clicking and swiping are entertaining. Even the level up results are excellent. 

Mini games

Fake Lay is not just a sex game or making the girls remove their clothes, but you will also enjoy the mini games whenever you have a sweet talk, record, fake it, or even giving gifts. 

Horny and sexy girls

If you’re such a maniac and loves to see hot girls, then Fake Lay can give that to you. You will mee a lot of sexy girls in this game. 


Better sex animations

There are a lot of sex scenes in Fake Lay, but it’s not too sensual, maybe because of the drawings is not that smooth and detailed. 

Waiting time

Well, this is what I hate about games. The challenges are time. I mean, you have to wait for a longer time and keep your patience up before you can be horny and jerk off. For me, you should try this game if you just want to enjoy the game. 


Fake Lay has smooth animation, and you can easily play it without any hesitation. You will know if you’re doing the correct thing, and you will know how to follow the rules and steps. The girls are very horny and attractive, except with the drawings as it’s not that interactive or alluding. If you talk about the game in general, I have enjoyed it so I can still give it a 3.9 out of 5 ratings. Spectacular sex games!


  • Cartoonish characters
  • Playful atmosphere
  • A lot to play, also more Nutaku games with same login


  • No cons if you like this niche

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