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Fap Titans – Porngame

Fap Titans – Porngame

If you’re a fan of an Idle RPG game then you should try playing Fap Titans! This game will give you extensive experience in nudity and pleasure. This is an online sex game that you can enjoy wherever and whenever you want. You don’t have any limits on playing this. It is quite easy to play with. 

Fap Titans is a hentai casual clicker sex game, which guys will surely love. Why? Because the characters have sexy outfits, big boobs, and awesome characteristics. This game will take you on an epic adventure in a world of nudity and these pretty babes are ready to take into battle the beasts. 

You can find Fap Titans on different sex game websites, but it is mostly available on the website. This website is full of hentai sex games that you can have. You can also just search Fap Titans in your browser and you can choose from all the results. 

The Game

You have to verify your age before you enter the game. Just like other games, there will be some sort of story when you first play the game. Of course, there will be a tutorial on how you will play Fap Titans.

To play Fap Titans, you will need to click the ugly monsters and beasts to defeat them. Each Monster has a level and a lifeline and it will decrease each time you click them. 

You will receive golds and rewards every time you defeat the monster. Monsters and beasts in this game are not all ugly, some of them are sexy and nudes. This is why it is fun to play and sometimes can me you horny. 

The rewards and coins that you’re earning on defeating the monsters and beasts are can be used to hire or buy heroes. These heroes have big boobs and have different stats. Your attack will increase every time you hire or level up your heroes. You have an option to increase your heroes level or you can buy new heroes. These heroes have different star levels and the more star they have, the higher the attacks can be. 

Of course! This game has a goal as well and you will earn money or rewards after finishing your goal. Just like other normal games, you can also purchase items or heroes in sex games using real money. You only need your card to pay for those. 

What’s good in here is you can leave the game open and it will attack the monsters on their own. It’s just faster if you tap it yourself. 

Each level has a boss monster and it’s normally stronger than other beasts. Killing the boss has a time limit, but you can get back to them if you can’t defeat them at a given time. Killing them gives you higher rewards. 

The real reward here is the story pictures that you can have and see whenever you reach a particular goal. Why? Because there is nudity. You can see big boobs and nipples, or a picture of heroes fucking each other. You can save this picture for future use if you know what I mean.

Don’t worry because you can always see these photos under the Quests tab. You can also get a new sexy star for your own good. The good thing about this game is there are a guild and club that you can join. You can purchase items for your guild, increase the level of your house. This guild can help you to get more exclusive heroes 


Gameplay – Fap Titans is addictive, you wanted to reach the goal easily and it’s very easy to understand. 

Controls – Easy controls, as it’s just multiple clicks away. You just need patience!

Nudity/Characters – The characters and heroes are interesting. They are all unique. 

Purchasing Items – You have an option to pay it using Paypal, Visa, or Master Cards. 

Idle game – You can play the game while doing other stuff. This sex game is fun to play with. You can leave it if you want to get something and you can still earn rewards. 

Multiple Platform – It is amazing to know that you play this game on your phone or on other devices you choose. There is a download option before you start playing. 


Graphics – It’s not too satisfying. The interface is good, but it is not enough.

Sounds – I would appreciate it as a sex game if there are moaning or arousing sounds, but sadly there is none.

Final Thought

If you are a gamer and want to include some nudity, sex, or be horny for free, I think this game is enough for you. If you wanted to have a twist on an RPG then you can have this on your Sex Game list. Astonishing sex game!


  • Great Gameplay
  • Easy controls
  • Huge Boobs Hentai


  • Addictive

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