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H-FLASH review, or Hentai Flash in other words. Best Hentai sex games for wankers. I think you need to know more before entering the site. Adult websites are growing ever since it was created. I remembered the first time I watched a porn video, and almost everything is blurred, and the ideas are not so good. But right now, even games are inspired by pornography.

I am into adult games right now. Well, what is an adult game? Specifically, it’s a game that includes nudity, sex acts, and pornography. So, if you want to play and enjoy a game with a spice of nudity, then you should try adult games. 

Why do you have to give time in this kind of application? Well, I know that you are comparing this to porn videos, especially to those adults who just want to jerk off and feel the pleasure instantly. Well, it is not for you if you don’t want to experiment with sex. I mean, adult games are not limited to flash games, boring games such as puzzles or card games; they also have Virtual Reality, 3D, and Simulation. Nowadays, adult games are for everyone; they have different gameplay. There’s no harm in trying, right? 


Are you a fan of anime or cartoons? Then you are on the right adult game site. Most of H-FLASH games are inspired by anime and cartoon characters such as Ben 10, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, and many more. If you are into more realistic sex games, then you won’t enjoy this website. 

I admire Hentai, that’s why I enjoy this site. I mean, you can find Finn, from adventure time fucking with Princess Bubblegum. Or Johnny Bravo is jerking off with someone she met on the road. It is exciting and interesting. You can be horny watching Hentai, so what would be the difference if you play with it. 

Once you have visited the website, adult games will welcome you. They have an extensive collection of games, so I love the way they have organized the games. On the upper tab, you can see Home, Categories, List, Top Games, All Games, and Random Games. You can easily choose a game through those sections. In the Category section, you can choose from game type, sex play, characters, and many more. 

My favorite section is “List.” Why? Because the names of the famous characters are itemized in alphabetical. So, if you like Naruto, you can just scroll down to the letter “N” so you can see all the naruto sex games that they have. 

They have more link sections on the upper part of the site that you can check out to look for more games. If you are lazy to look at the games per category, then you can use the search bar on the right top of the page. 

Their games are mostly simulation. So, if you feel like you want to jerk off or masturbate, then you can try all their simulation games. You will surely enjoy it because I enjoyed it myself. You can also use those to have a sexplay with your partners or anyone who you want to fuck. 

Once you have selected the game, you have to enable the flash player so you can continue. You can see a short description of the game, how many views and stars it has. You also have an option to leave comments per game. If you enjoy the current game you are playing and was bored with it, then you can try similar games on the right side of the game page. 


Great graphics and drawings

Most of their games have high-end graphics, and you might become addicted to it. The games are so much like the real cartoon and anime characters. 

Multi-Language Preference

I think the website is still developing; hence, they offer four languages, including English. It is a plus for me because not all visitors are English speakers. However, they should still add more dialects for all guests around the world. 

Search Bar

There are some visitors than still can’t find their desired games by looking at the categories, and the Search bar is a big help. It will give you all the games that match the keyword you enter on the bar. 

Free Games

I always hear that there are no free things in this world. Well, that wasn’t true because this site has a lot of free games. Imagine, you can satisfy your fetish demands for free. 


Games that have the non-English word

Some of the games I had is not an English game, and it’s a waste of time for me to open it. They should at least add some details on the thumbnails about the dialect to avoid delays. 


I find the website very girly, maybe because of the site’s theme, which is pink. Aside from that, most of the games are dress-up, or puzzles. For me, guys are more into sex games or videos than girls, so I think they should have at least add some manly adult games. It is excellent that they have simulation games that you will surely enjoy. You can use those as your inspiration while masturbating. You will feel very erotic, especially as the sounds and moans of the girls are lifelike. Well, I still enjoy the games. I feel horny, and I even masturbate while playing the games. All in all, I rate this website 3.9 out of 5. Awesome sex games!


  • Great graphics and drawings
  • Multi-Language Preference
  • Hentai Cartoon parody sex games
  • Free sex games


  • Not realistic sex games

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