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Apex Legends – Parody Sex Game

Apex Legends – Parody Sex Game

Howdy folks! We are here again to give you brief information about an awesome sex game! Have you heard the name of a game – Apex Legends? If yes, then you should know how awesome the gameplay and the characters are in this game!

Apex Legends – the original game is a fresh game in the market and I am very amazed that it has an available sex game too. The original game is one of the most played games nowadays and everyone enjoys playing it. What more would it take if you join them with an adult feature, right? Imagine looking at your favorite character’s huge boobs bouncing? Or The slutty babes sucking your character’s dick? I bet you are envious and wanted to feel the same too.

With no further ado, let us jump into the Sex game of Apex Legends and see what it would bring us.

What is in the game?

At a first glance at the website, you will feel the urge to bang someone. Why? Because the glimpse of the short videos is very erotic – this includes, slutty girls playing their pussies and fingering themselves, big cocks are fucking a woman from the back, threesome sex, and their spanking the slutty women’s face using their huge cocks! This is just a glimpse but you will surely go to the bathroom, or your room, or anywhere that you can be alone and jerk off yourself like it is the end of the world.

When you go to Apex Legends – Parody game, you will have to answer few questions. The questions, include your sex preference (woman or man), your partner’s gender, size of boobs (small, medium, huge and massive), size of ass, and even your ideal size of cock! Once you are done with the questions, you will have to create a new account (For newbies!) then put it your card details. No worries because the website is safe and secured by Norton Antivirus.

Another good this here is that you can play the game using your regular browser – I used Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera Mini and there were no issues while playing this awesome sex game. Beforehand, you can also play the game through a download, and it won’t eat up most of your space. The download speed of the game is unbelievable! You can download it at least until 150mbps, of course depending on your internet speed.

You must know before playing the game!!

For all avid gamers out there, you will be the living proof of what’s I’m going to say next. This sex parody game is amazing and it has the same interface, gameplay, and even the artwork as the original game! If you have seen the original game’s graphics, you will be amazed at how this sex parody game looks.

There is a lot of distinct and familiar touch of the characters, gameplay, and the location from the original version to this erotic and satisfying sex game. I was impressed on the woman champions of Apex Legends look like. Honestly, it is hard to get or create accurate details or information from the original to the parody, but the team impressed me very well because they did a great, oh not just great, but an enormous job!!!!

Another thing about this game is it has a lot of sex previews that you might keep under your pillows and look at them if you are feeling the urge to bang someone. The players can also watch the sex scenes over and over again until they get used to it. But hell yeahhhh! Who would get used to pussies, tits, and those huge bouncing boobs that you wanted to lick the nipples? Play it with your tongue and play the other with your fingers.

What you might like!

Sex Clips – There are a lot of FREE sex clips in this game! Yes! Sex clips all you want.

4K HD – Yes! You read it right! There is a high-end quality of this game. Now!! Get your big monitor or your TV and play the game. Imagine, seeing a very clear resolution of your favorite game with a twist of nudity and pornography? You will surely get what you wished for.

Sounds/Moaning – The sex scenes of the game is nothing without erotic moaning and flirty talks! And of course, the quality of sounds can give you a chill while bombing shooting while in the battle.

You will probably hate..

Minimal Forums – Agree with me, folks! Sometimes, it is hard to play the game when it’s your first time and you have to ask a few questions. Sad about this is they don’t have many forums on the internet.

Final Verdict!

What do you usually look for a game? If it is fun with a twist of pornography then you are in the right path! This is one of the best Sex Games and you won’t regret trying this. Most of the time, you will want to have sex and bang your officemates and co-workers. I would give an 8.3 out of 10 ratings. Insane sex game!


  • Sex Clips
  • 4K HD
  • Sound Effects
  • Gameplay and game mode


  • Minimal Forums

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