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Booty Farm – Nutaku

Booty Farm – Nutaku

Booty Farm, like all of these Nutaku-game site free sex games, are a joy for your eyes; they also have the latest technology and a great storyline in every game.

This game, Booty Farm takes place at a farm, which your uncle owns. All men have left from this little countryside village, and girls who stayed here are horny as fuck. Get ready to fuck them all; you are the only guy in the town! Countryside hillbilly Japanese cartoon sex games, what could be better? Haha go and try it yourself.

If you love playing a dating simulation game, then you should try Booty Farm. It’s a sex simulation dating game plus farming such as plowing, harvesting, planting, and of course, talking to your neighbors. You will find different sexy fucking girls for you to satisfy your fetish cravings.

You can find this game in On the game page, you will see a short video, brief description, and a few images so that you will have an idea about the game. You can also find some recommended or similar games. What’s good here is the key features are pronounced before you can start the game. 

Keep in mind that you have to log in to your Nutaku account before you can play the game. Otherwise, you have to create a new account. The good thing is that you will receive free 100 tokens once you have signed up for the first time. You can either play the game in full screen or standard screen.

This game is about a playboy (you) who inherited a farm from his uncle. You would want to sell the farm, but you met a sexy girl, and you got attracted to her. She will tell you that there is a shortage of guys in the village and she persuades you to stay. So, you have decided to keep and stay at the farm. You will have a lot of sexy neighbors, and you will send them some goods.

You have to get to know the girls on the farm, and you have to know their story. Each girl has different orders from your farm, and once you have completed the task, you will have a chance to talk with a sexy girl. They will ask you some questions which you’ll have to give them the right answer for them to like you more. There is a heart meter for each girl, and it will be your indicator to know if they so much like you. If a girl likes you very much, she will talk dirty and will let you fuck her or do a blow job. You also need money to expand your farm. You can get money from your orders. 


Mouse to click for plowing, harvesting, planting, and many more. 


3D Graphics

Do you imagine playing a sex game with great graphics? If not, then this game is for you to try. They have superb drawings, and you will feel very erotic with the sexy babes. You can definitely get a screenshot and save it on your phone for future use. Do you know what I mean? Keeping this and using while you are on the toilet and want to masturbate. 

Android Platform

I am an android use; that’s why I love this feature. It is more convenient for all the gamers to play this game through their phones. It’s not suitable for iPhone users, but they can still play this game on their browser. 

Uncensored Sex Scenes

When you watch porn videos, especially if it’s hentai (cause this is much hentai), most of the scenes are blurred like their penis or pussy. But, in this game, you can have and see it all. It will enhance your fetish need, and you’ll want it more. 


You can easily play and understand the game. With just one tutorial, you will know how will the game flow. 


Required Items

I don’t have pretty much cons, but just like other farm games, the more you expand and level up, the more it needs an item for you to reach your goal. Yes, it’s a challenge, but I hope they made it easier for the players to get the orders. They should have at least lessen the time required for the item to finish. 


This game is very addicting because of the girls that you want to fuck or meet. Aside from that, you will be eager to focus on the processing time of the orders for you to send them immediately. Also, the scene is excellent, especially the views wherein you will talk to your babes, and they will talk dirty to you. Those scenes make me horny, and it satisfies my perverted cravings. So, I will give 4.9 out of 5 ratings in this game. Outstanding sex games!


  • Nice cartoons
  • Sexy girls
  • Actual plot and purpose


  • You need to playa bit before getting sex

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