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Overwhore – Parody Sex Game

Overwhore – Parody Sex Game

Howdy folks! I am here again to talk about an extreme and fantastic sex game that will make you a boner! It has been a while since we have this kind of comment about the xxx games that will surely give you an incredible experience.

Today we are talking about a parody of a well-known game – Overwatch! Yes! You read it right, there is a sex parody game of your favorite first-person shooter game.

What’s in it for you to play Overwhore?

Sometimes when I play an xxx game, I am thinking what would I get from this? The original game is fun to play and if I wanted to jerk off or I feel like I am aroused, I can watch porn videos. But then I realized that playing an adult game is like hitting two birds with one stone. Why? Simply because you are having fun and you can satisfy all your lustful needs.

First of all, you will enjoy playing this sex game because it has the same features as the original game – Overwatch. Secondly, Overwhore will surely satisfy your fetish and lewd needs! And third, you will never regret playing the game.

You must know before playing the Overwhore – Parody

This part is some sort of a warning before you play Overwhore. There’s no doubt that there are times (most of the time as in my opinion) that you are getting a boner when you see your favorite character’s huge boobs on the screen. You are curious about how does she looks in naked form and wishing that you can touch and play with her nipples. Oh damn! Writing this and remembering how it looks makes me a boner.

When you reach Overwhore’s website, you will be prompt to answer few questions. These are easy questions and you can finish them in no time. Those questions are about your preferences in gender, or your partner’s gender, ass, and boobs size. You will also be asked what kind of slutty bitch would you like to fuck (MILF, Brunette, big tits, squirt, etc.). Another question is the level of sex (Extreme, hard, normal) you prefer. Once done, the website will verify your age and check if your browser is compatible with the game. I tried to play Overwhore in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera Mini and everything works fine. You will also have to create an account (for newbies) and put in your card details. No worries because the website is secured by Norton.

The gameplay!

You can also play this online and offline. As I mentioned, this is almost the same as Overwatch and you will be joining a team consisting of 5 players. You will choose your preferred game modes between Death Match (you can live again when you got killed), Push the overload (Join a carton to push through the enemy’s territory), and Rank (You won’t live when you got killed). The main goal of the game is to defeat the enemy’s base.

Overwhore is a science fiction world populated by the damn sexy alien girls who are hungry to suck off cocks. This means you will see different alien people fucking and banging each other. We all know that the cocks and boobs are massive when the game is based on a science fiction. You can get your fetish rewards when you killed your enemy and there are some FREE video clips that you can save and watch.

What you might like in this game?

Gameplay – If you like playing Overwatch then you will love Overwhore more (Because of the sex features). There are a lot of game modes to choose from and enjoy.

Sound Effects – The sounds of the game have great qualities. You can clearly hear the sounds of guns reaching to your side. You can also clearly hear the cock coming in and out of pussies. The moaning of slutty and flirty bitches is very satisfying and I was getting an eargasm.

3D Sex Quality – I was impressed with this sex game’s video quality! The drawings are immersive and look real. Imagine, looking at those wet pussies like real and you wanted to lick it off. Everything is detailed and I have not missed anything. It’s very alike when the slutty bitches are sucking a cock and balls.

What I hate about this game.

NPC – There are a lot of naked characters and I wanted to play them off. Use them to see their huge boobs bouncing while in the battle.

Final Thoughts

Overwhore team made a great decision, creating this awesome XXX game. I would like to go to their office and give them a big hug as a Thank you! Honestly, I can play this game for more than 5 hrs per day (includes jerking off if I can’t help it.) Don’t hesitate to play it and you will never regret it.


  • A lot of Sex Scenes
  • Impressive graphics
  • Eargasm


  • NPC
  • Ads

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